"Keep It True Festival" Road Report by Deceased/October 31 Member King Fowley!
4/26/2013 3:14:37 PM by Eric

King Fowley, vocalist for legendary US old school metal band October 31 and drummer for classic thrashers Deceased gave us his review of this year's Keep It True Festival in Germany. The event payed homage to power and old school heavy metal with twenty bands spread over two full days in Koenigshofen, Germany.

"I had an amazing time and met so many cool folks. The event ran so smooth and every person there actually seemed to care. This wasn't like American gigs where half the folks are there to pose. We had sing-alongs, tons of laughs and the attendance was sold out to the hilt. I am coming back with Deceased in 2014. This was one of the most honest places to see a metal festival that I've experienced to date."

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