Made In Japan 4: Gotsu Totsu Kotsu (Modern Day Samurai Death Metal)
4/10/2013 3:27:17 PM by David L

I love going to underground Metal shows in Japan because you never know what to expect in terms of the type of metal that will be penetrating your ears. For example, you'll rarely go to a gig where every band plays the exact same sub-genre of Metal. Lately, I've recently been amazed at one band in particular that plays these types of shows with a wide variety of Metal sub-genres. The band, Gotsu Totsu Kotsu play extreme death metal with a heavy samurai theme. To see these guys live is an absolute treat as they play a brutal set from start to finish and have a menacing stage presence.

Their music is a blend of extreme death metal, thrash metal and whatever else they want to throw into the mix. The bands vokillist/bassist, Haruhisa Takahata is a monster on the bass and even adds a little bit of funk flavor to his bass riffing. These guys have been around since around 2000 and have 2 full-length albums out: Mouryou (2009) and Legend of Shadow (2013).

The video clip below is one of their full shows, recorded in November of 2012 in Osaka, Japan. Do yourself a favor and check out this show, as well as any other clips that YouTube has to offer! Their albums are equally as good so if you can find them online anywhere (probably eBay), I would highly recommend picking them up!

--Grim \m/

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