Staff Year End Awards for 2012!
1/4/2013 2:14:24 PM by Frank

Our yearly roundup of Favorites, Worsts, and whatever category we feel like making up!

You might not agree with our choices, but we're getting the names of bands out there and that's a good thing. If you see something you liked for one guy's picks, check out his others and keep supporting hard rock and metal into the new year!

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Bathory Demons and Wizards
Into Eternity Mudvayne
Chaingunn BloodDuster
Mondo Generator Exmortem
Deceased Anthrax
Twelfth Gate Symphorce
Kataklysm Commit Suicide
Nazareth Godflesh
Legend Crematorium
Powergod Johnny Lokke
Circle of Nero Tungsten
Endless Time Agony Divine
Nicta SelfInflicted
Dragonforce Thunderbolt
The Graveyard Boulevard Evanesce
Halloween Attacker
Hypocrisy Pink Cream 69
Doro Royal Anguish
Dreamaker Hard Echo
Neverland Volbeat
Killik Gothic Knights
Devil To Pay Exodus
Evanescence downBleed
Bleeding Inc Kingcrow
Marillion Ministry
Dragonspoon Cyst
Hatework Mob Rules
Unleashed After Forever
Black Destiny Saxon
Dark Age Medusa
Neurosis Witchburner
Angra Triumph
Mercenary Fifth Cross
Of Infinity Corrosion Of Conformity
Veni Domine Hellfire
Mechanical Poet Icarus Witch
Ravensthorn Apocalyptica
Cemetary Marduk
Freedom Call God Fear None
Axis Of Perdition Magica
Callenish Circle Shade Empire
Pro-Pain Green Carnation
Ivory Knight Biss
Disbelief Groundcrew
God Among Insects Slough Feg
Sentenced Circus Maximus
Slik Helvetika Sebastian Bach
Killing Spree Alice Cooper
Cannon A Lower Deep
Lake Of Tears The Atomic Bitchwax
Violent Storm Dirty Americans
1349 Casus Belli
Algol3 Phantom X
Damnation Overmars
Vile The Tenth Circle
Khold Dismember
End of Level Boss Mental Care Foundation
Intronaut Poison
The Berzerker Boris
The Ocean Valhalla
Silver Dirt Athanator
Down Factor 8th Sin
Spawn of Possession Before Silence
Cult of Luna Unsilent Phenomenon
Smohalla Sahg
Wednesday 13 Anata
Eyes of Ligeia Lordi
Audrey Horne Darkness Eternal
Extium Starkweather
Handful of Hate Phazm
Hardcore Superstar The Chronicles of Israfel
Merciless Death Zyklon
Grenouer Almah
Textures Hacride
Hearse Faith And Fire
Ensiferum Diamond Dogs
Frosthardr 40 Below Summer
Jesus Martyr Burzum
Equilibrium The Lamp of Thoth
Medieval Steel Alestorm
Iron Fire Sin