Staff Year End Awards for 2012!
1/4/2013 2:14:24 PM by Frank

Our yearly roundup of Favorites, Worsts, and whatever category we feel like making up!

You might not agree with our choices, but we're getting the names of bands out there and that's a good thing. If you see something you liked for one guy's picks, check out his others and keep supporting hard rock and metal into the new year!

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Hate Eternal The Kovenant
Mudvayne Steel Prophet
Grave White Skull
Carpathian Forest Misery Index
Poisonblack Solemnity
Stratovarius Cradle of Filth
Commit Suicide Dirty Power
Queensryche Mark Boals
Godflesh Lamb of God
Widowmaker Manowar
Late Nite Romeo Dr. Butcher
Black Label Society Carnal Forge
Vyndykator Led Zeppelin
Conquest Johnny Lokke
Pelican Goat Horn
Supervillain Kilfast
King Diamond Windseeker
Pink Cream 69 Slayer
Body Count Soil
Madison Paige Edge Of Forever
U.D.O. Ministry
Dragonspoon Cyst
Brutal Mastication Spiral Madness
Imp Psychotron
Aina Tearabyte
Theocracy Division
Eternal Flight Annihilator
Marshall Law Jungle Rot
Arch Enemy Within Temptation
Agnostic Front Trans-Siberian Orchestra
Hanzel Und Gretyl Behemoth
Napalm Death Emerald Sun
Kamelot Quiet Riot
Sabaton Shatterpoint
Strikelight Chuck Schuldiner
Darkthrone Severe Torture
Freedom Call Novembers Doom
Frantic Bleep Drunkard
Magica Soul SirkUS
Fire Alley Strapping Young Lad
System Of A Down Callenish Circle
Grand Magus Hatesphere
Groundcrew Blind Stare
Amorphis God Among Insects
Communic Slough Feg
Sentenced Circus Maximus
The Father Panic Riot Orchestra Fates Warning
Widow Love Forsaken
Morgana Lefay Octavia Sperati
Future is Tomorrow Lake Of Tears
Illuminatus Orphaned Land
Violent Storm Winterfell
ASG Running Wild
Ewigkeit The Absence
Mistress Dreamland
Wolfmother Chain Collector
The Classic Struggle Khold
Dismember Insense
Enforsaken Nobody's Fool
Brother Hawk Katatonia
Blackmore's Night Ephel Duath
Thyrane Scum
Manngard Ampast
Athanator Down Factor
The Sword 8th Sin
Stormcrow Sun Descends
Dawn of Azazel Royal Hunt
Spawn of Possession Gorgoroth
Suzukiton Azure
Time Requiem Ynis Vitrin
I Satyricon
Eyes of Ligeia Lupara
Audrey Horne Panzerchrist
Handful of Hate Twisted Into Form
Manticore Zyklon
Incrave Pantera
Katrina Johansson Warner Drive
Transmission 0 Wuthering Heights
Blut Aus Nord David Galas
Night Ranger Dantesco
Alkemyst I Shalt Become
Rosetta The Obsessed
Straight Line Stitch Trinacria
Alestorm Kiuas
UFOmammut Wolfgate