Sex, Drugs & Rock 'n Roll: Maximum Metal's Guide Through Sweden's "Stockholm Strip"
12/17/2012 4:56:24 PM by Frank

"Stockholm is the new Sunset Strip!" --attributed to Chris Laney of Zan Clan.

It's no secret that Sweden has been vigorously grinding the hard rock wheel. A quarter of a century has passed since Southern California ruled the glam/sleeze scene of late 80s hair metal. Since then the Sunset Strip movement has been transplanted and the sex, drugs and rock 'n roll has come back to claim a new generation. At this point, casual listeners and even hardcore fans like us are starting to become confused. Every week a new band surfaces and at this point it can become very dense foliage in search for that ripe banana. We wanted to take you all on a guided tour of some of our favorite bands to look for on Sweden's "Stockholm Strip".

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Opeth Slipknot
Grave Tiamat
Deceased Regurgitate
Goatwhore December
Kataklysm Skullview
Commit Suicide Warhorse
Seether Iron Maiden
Lamb of God Late Nite Romeo
Cage Dragonforce
Morbid Angel Kilfast
Mourning Beloveth Evanesce
Malstrom Sinergy
Beautiful Creatures DevilDriver
Fraise Lacuna Coil
Project: Failing Flesh Dew Scented
Tesla Soil
Celesty Construcdead
downBleed Madison Paige
Graveland Amityville Whore
Disarmonia Mundi Judas Priest
Dragonspoon Hatework
Juggernott Acrid
Krokus Skeletonwitch
Lilitu Metal Church
Wintersun Katagory V
Eternal Flight Z02
Slowlife GWAR
Dark Ruin Six Feet Under
The Lizards Trans-Siberian Orchestra
Made of Iron Anger
Cryme Legion
Rottweiller Miles Beyond
Kings X Belef
Veni Domine Shatterpoint
Vicious Circle Soulscar
Car Bomb Ravensthorn
Wolverine Kaamos
Freedom Call Novembers Doom
Bleed The Sky Fire Alley
Swallow The Sun Callenish Circle
Impiety Disbelief
Blind Stare Raging Speedhorn
Testament Taake
Supagroup Alice Cooper
Resurrecturis Black Majesty
Pagan's Mind Evergrey
Armored Saint Ignarus
Forever Slave Running Wild
Vinterriket Paths Of Possession
Crystal Ball Doomfoxx
Gojira Asrai
Celebratum Decapitated
Machina Brother Hawk
End My Sorrow Second Shadow
Totalisti Witchery
Southern Black Sand Poison
Codeon 286
Nikki Puppet Hell-Born
Steep Clawfinger
Cryptopsy Leviathan/Sapthuran
Vore Hirax
Dreams of Damnation Spawn of Possession
Before Silence Azure
Destruction Space Odyssey
War Within Paul Bonrud
Sahg The Ruins of Beverast
Jeff Walker und Die Fluffers Pump
Semargl Mastodon
Venom Cheva
Skullflower Twisted Into Form
Onslaught Passion
Mithras Hacride
Aborted Wuthering Heights
Malevolent Creation David Galas
Faith And Fire Keldian
Heresi Night Ranger
Mass Extinction Deceiver
Father Befouled Jesus Martyr
Burzum Manilla Road
Bible Of The Devil End of Man
Eighteen Wheels Burning DC4
Raven Dark Castle