Sex, Drugs & Rock 'n Roll: Maximum Metal's Guide Through Sweden's "Stockholm Strip"
12/17/2012 4:56:24 PM by Frank

"Stockholm is the new Sunset Strip!" --attributed to Chris Laney of Zan Clan.

It's no secret that Sweden has been vigorously grinding the hard rock wheel. A quarter of a century has passed since Southern California ruled the glam/sleeze scene of late 80s hair metal. Since then the Sunset Strip movement has been transplanted and the sex, drugs and rock 'n roll has come back to claim a new generation. At this point, casual listeners and even hardcore fans like us are starting to become confused. Every week a new band surfaces and at this point it can become very dense foliage in search for that ripe banana. We wanted to take you all on a guided tour of some of our favorite bands to look for on Sweden's "Stockholm Strip".

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LA Guns Lost Horizon
Nightwish Big Dumb Face
Anthrax Symphorce
Solace Warhorse
Vaginal Carnage Crematorium
Wizard Manowar
God Dethroned Dr. Butcher
Valley's Eve Black Label Society
Pyn Siren Supervillain
Morbid Angel Kilfast
Dream Weaver Rob Rock
Beautiful Creatures Guardians Of Time
Windseeker Drillpoint
Halloween Slayer
Out of the Lair Iron Savior
Tesla I Hate Sally
Silver Mountain Construcdead
Babylon Mystery Orchestra Deep Purple
Outworld David Shankle Group
Marillion Zaius
Juggernott Feinstein
Schenker/ Pattison Summit Destructor
Krokus Goatsnake
Vox Tempus Killswitch Engage
Imp Wintersun
Dark Age Medusa
Eternal Flight Z02
I.C.E. Slowlife
Mine Six Feet Under
Overlorde Mirror of Deception
Anger Jackyl
John Oliva's Pain Legion
Of Infinity Code Black
Crowbar Scenteria
Miles Beyond Blood Red Throne
Kings X Loudblast
Astral Doors Tarot
Heartcry Carina Alfie
Chuck Schuldiner the missing:
Argument Soul Kinrick
Strapping Young Lad Ignitor
Sinisthra Raintime
Grand Magus Pro-Pain
Ivory Knight Embraze
Rudra Python
Testament Goddess Of Desire
Gaia Killing Spree
Nightvision Devil Lee Rot
Morgana Lefay Flotsam & Jetsam
Painmuseum V:28
Blood Thirsty Demons Winterfell
ASG Overloaded
Bolt Thrower Vinterriket
Ghost Machinery Balatonizer
Doomfoxx Gojira
Gorefest Detonation
Decapitated Vader
Upwards of Endtime Boris
The Smashup Cataract
Hirax Dreams of Damnation
Hate Profile TK-421
Ensoph Azure
Dendura Nachtmystium
Ynis Vitrin I
Death Breath Anata
Teeth of the Hydra Venom
Deicide Urkraft
Twisted Into Form Fu Manchu
Hardcore Superstar Manticore
Almah White Wizzard
Trouble Mithras
Katrina Johansson Aborted
Transmission 0 Kruger
David Galas Funeral
Faith And Fire Cauldron
Hell N' Diesel Cockpit
Gutted With Broken Glass Rosetta
Manilla Road Moonshine
Intolerant Alestorm
Coffins Suspyre