Sex, Drugs & Rock 'n Roll: Maximum Metal's Guide Through Sweden's "Stockholm Strip"
12/17/2012 4:56:24 PM by Frank

"Stockholm is the new Sunset Strip!" --attributed to Chris Laney of Zan Clan.

It's no secret that Sweden has been vigorously grinding the hard rock wheel. A quarter of a century has passed since Southern California ruled the glam/sleeze scene of late 80s hair metal. Since then the Sunset Strip movement has been transplanted and the sex, drugs and rock 'n roll has come back to claim a new generation. At this point, casual listeners and even hardcore fans like us are starting to become confused. Every week a new band surfaces and at this point it can become very dense foliage in search for that ripe banana. We wanted to take you all on a guided tour of some of our favorite bands to look for on Sweden's "Stockholm Strip".

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LA Guns Chaingunn
Twilight Odyssey Deceased
Cradle of Filth Warhorse
Queensryche Nazareth
Masterplan Firewind
Wizard God Dethroned
Vyndykator Nicta
Godiva Morbid Angel
Runemagick Victory
Lanfear Malstrom
Windseeker Drillpoint
Halloween Murdercycle
Fraise Wicked Sensation
Lacuna Coil Brides of Destruction
Asperity Dew Scented
Three Inches of Blood Silver Mountain
Riot Outworld
Graveland Amityville Whore
Skyfire Edge Of Forever
Nova Lex U.D.O.
Psychotron Beaten Back To Pure
Scavenger Polterchrist
Marshall Law Dark Ruin
Haunted By Angels Agnostic Front
Angra Code Black
Image Rottweiller
Entombed Blood Red Throne
Lost Soul Quiet Riot
Desire Black Icarus Witch
Angtoria Nevermore
Apocalyptica Novembers Doom
Bleed The Sky Meshuggah
Soul SirkUS Kryoburn
Swallow The Sun Thunderblast
System Of A Down Fastkill
Grand Magus Pro-Pain
Python Sothis
Graveworm Darkane
Unchained Kult ov Azazel
Slik Helvetika Resurrecturis
Wetwork Morgana Lefay
Edenbridge Scar Symmetry
A Lower Deep Nuclear Assault
Future is Tomorrow Peccatum
Illuminatus Dirty Americans
ASG Bolt Thrower
Barcode Third Degree
Balatonizer Define Divine
Bronx Casket Company The Tenth Circle
Khold Vanquished
Hate Absu
Tandjent Beyond Fear
Hell-Born Moonspell
Valhalla Manngard
Bal-Sagoth Dream Or Nightmare
Nicodemus TK-421
Sun Descends Nachtmystium
Time Requiem Agalloch
Abominant The Abominable Iron Sloth
Zoroaster Venom
Obtest E-lane
Darkness Eternal Steve Cone
Urkraft Handful of Hate
Lost Eden Southern Gentleman
Necrophobic Madking Ludwig
Dezperadoz Nagelfar
Satariel Chrome Division
Divine Empire Gotthard
Rob Zombie Antigama
Manes Tears
Blut Aus Nord Malevolent Creation
Hearse Hellveto
Cauldron Destynation
Distorted Orthodox
Shining Star Gutted With Broken Glass
Ost Est Ima Blood Haven
Embalming Theatre Souls Of We
Alestorm Iron Fire
UFOmammut Ihsahn
Crown The Lost Earthen Grave