New Show Review: Septicflesh, Krisiun, Melechesh, Ex Deo, Inquisition
11/30/2012 2:56:46 PM by Etiam

Conquerors of the World, they called it. It's difficult to imagine such a tour managing to overthrow the entirety of North America in a mere 20 dates, but that's all that this brief campaign was allotted. Given the firepower on hand, though—Septicflesh headlining, support from Krisiun, Melechesh, Ex Deo, and Inquisition—this internationally-comprised company may not have needed any more. My instant reaction to this announcement, aside from grimacing righteously, was to mark my calendar, refreshed by a script-flipping dose of "All metal, no white guys." And while that this tagline didn't turn out to be 100% true (a few blond locks had to muck things up), the metal constitution of those involved was still formidable.... --Etiam

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