New Interview with Steve Whiteman of Kix!
11/16/2012 2:52:25 PM by Kim Thore

With such classics like "Don't Close Your Eyes", "Blow My Fuse" and "Cold Blood"--Kix became a part of the hair metal genre alongside bands such as Warrant, Poison and Winger, and like many other bands, when the music industry turned its back on that brand of music, Kix turned to other projects. For a tried and true Kix fan the void was felt deeply, because when you have been baptized by the rock and roll reverend that is front man Steve Whiteman, you are forever converted to the church of Midnight Dynamite where you will become a disciple and devotee destined to a life of pure dedication to these "Dirty Boys" of rock...and when you leave a Kix show, you love Kix for what Kix has got...

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