Special Column: Heavy Metal As Scapegoat
11/9/2012 3:04:55 PM by Greg Watson

For as long as music and heinous acts of humanity have been around, the two have seemingly been entwined in a bitter union of blame. Musicians have been implicated for years in deaths, murders, suicides and ritual killings. What I would like to do is look at this phenomenon and some of the reasons why the blame falls on music, metal in particular, and the way people attack the music for its lyrical content and subject matter. I will try my best to limit the opinions to a minimum but inevitably some will creep into the piece so please understand that I am not saying that this is the final word, just how I feel. That being said, let us take a look at this interesting phenomenon...

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Immolation Karaboudjan
Exmortem Disturbed
Regurgitate Goatwhore
Kataklysm Circle II Circle
Majesty Fozzy
Liege Lord Valley's Eve
Alchemy X Led Zeppelin
Pyn Siren Pelican
Brainstorm Evolution
Black Sabbath Dragonforce
Artension Evanesce
Drillpoint Murdercycle
Whitesnake Krisiun
Slayer Brides of Destruction
Force Of Evil Silver Mountain
Devil To Pay Construcdead
Evanescence Bang The Union
Messiah's Kiss Wolf
Metalium Low Earth Orbit
Cyst Therion
Skeletonwitch Black Destiny
Psychotron Final Dawn
Images of Eden Otep
Annihilator Z02
Marshall Law Neurosis
Throcult Conquestador
Six Feet Under Haunted By Angels
Trans-Siberian Orchestra Made of Iron
Seventh One Hanzel Und Gretyl
Rush Napalm Death
Of Infinity Cradle To Grave
Maze Of Torment Car Bomb
Wolverine Marduk
Chaoswave Drunkard
Magica Fire Alley
Swallow The Sun Thunderblast
Gizmachi Sinisthra
Raintime Burden Of Grief
Slumber Nightrage
Green Carnation Graveworm
Naglfar Maximum Overdrive
Brand New Sin Subterranean Masquerade
Monolithe Horna
Sebastian Bach Cannon
Havochate Iron Maidens
Black Majesty Penetrator
Twilight Algol3
Arthemis Paths Of Possession
Phantom X Dechrist
Doomfoxx Chain Collector
Nocturnal Rites Brother Hawk
Fallen Wisdom Pile of Heads
Cannibal Corpse Lair Of The Minotaur
Fields Of The Nephilim Daylight Dies
Boris Clawfinger
Moonspell The Smackdown
Elvenking Cataract
Nicodemus Bludgeon
Upon Infliction Theater of Tragedy
Vengeance Azure
Skyforger Death Breath
The Finals Semargl
Satyricon Teeth of the Hydra
Lupara E-lane
Escape The Fate Winger
Cheva Deicide
Steve Cone Skullflower
Lost Eden With Passion
Onslaught Mindgrinder
Cattle Decapitation Gotthard
Blut Aus Nord David Galas
Funeral Hearse
Fight Hellveto
Depressed Mode Keep of Kalessin
Temple Of Blood Keldian
Distorted Pathology
40 Below Summer Gutted With Broken Glass
Pop Evil Witchfinder General
Puscifer Virgin Black
Trinacria Iron Fire
Something Beautiful Sotajumala
Raven Suffocation