Special Column: Heavy Metal As Scapegoat
11/9/2012 3:04:55 PM by Greg Watson

For as long as music and heinous acts of humanity have been around, the two have seemingly been entwined in a bitter union of blame. Musicians have been implicated for years in deaths, murders, suicides and ritual killings. What I would like to do is look at this phenomenon and some of the reasons why the blame falls on music, metal in particular, and the way people attack the music for its lyrical content and subject matter. I will try my best to limit the opinions to a minimum but inevitably some will creep into the piece so please understand that I am not saying that this is the final word, just how I feel. That being said, let us take a look at this interesting phenomenon...

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Mudvayne Slipknot
Grave Children Of Bodom
Tiamat Twelfth Gate
Deranged Kalibas
Solace Queensryche
Majesty Vaginal Carnage
Widowmaker Ravage
Metallica Black Label Society
Vyndykator Pyn Siren
Pelican Paragon
Godiva Artension
Curriculum Mortis Runemagick
Steel Preacher Victory
Sinergy Beautiful Creatures
Tad Morose Windseeker
Halloween Attacker
Edguy Project: Failing Flesh
Dreamaker Death Angel
Black Stone Cherry Cryonic Temple
Scala Mercalli Jag Panzer
Cans W.A.S.P.
Jorn Iron Angel
Judas Priest Brutal Mastication
Dimmu Borgir Vox Tempus
Imp Psychotron
Aina Unearth
I.C.E. Throcult
Within Temptation Made of Iron
Anger Behemoth
Angra Avenue F
Mercenary Milkweed
Entombed Kings X
Sabaton Mechanical Poet
Soulscar Suidakra
Desire Black Nevermore
Backyard Babies Darkthrone
Pure Inc Axel Rudi Pell
Debris Inc. Gizmachi
Callenish Circle Babylon
Throes of Dawn Astarte
Python Naglfar
Maximum Overdrive Testament
Ritual Killer Gaia
Nightvision Fates Warning
Love Forsaken Wetwork
Holy Blood Pagan's Mind
Dragonia Dirty Americans
Blood Thirsty Demons Dechrist
Mistress Doomfoxx
Chain Collector Midnight Idols
Celebratum Bronx Casket Company
God Forbid Gorefest
Khold Nocturnal Rites
Absolution Taunusheim
Grimfist Craft
Sepultura Naked Beggars
Codeon Thyrane
Fields Of The Nephilim Nightmare
Hell-Born Dissection
Event Horizon Ampast
Dreams of Damnation Apiary
Black Crucifixion Michael Orlando
She Said Destroy Time Requiem
Fleshgore Shadows Within
Vicious Rumors Pump
Semargl Eighteen Visions
Sathanas Extium
Deicide Phazm
Twisted Into Form Fu Manchu
Terry Sullivan Mindgrinder
Madking Ludwig Incrave
White Wizzard Satariel
Textures Divine Empire
Pentacle Tears
Aborted Throneum
Nation Beyond Hellveto
Hell N' Diesel Spheric Universe Experience
Distorted Averse Sefira
Cockpit Gutted With Broken Glass
Jesus Martyr Pop Evil
Burzum Virgin Black
Uriah Heep Iron Fire
Son of Eric Sin
Something Beautiful