Special Column: Heavy Metal As Scapegoat
11/9/2012 3:04:55 PM by Greg Watson

For as long as music and heinous acts of humanity have been around, the two have seemingly been entwined in a bitter union of blame. Musicians have been implicated for years in deaths, murders, suicides and ritual killings. What I would like to do is look at this phenomenon and some of the reasons why the blame falls on music, metal in particular, and the way people attack the music for its lyrical content and subject matter. I will try my best to limit the opinions to a minimum but inevitably some will creep into the piece so please understand that I am not saying that this is the final word, just how I feel. That being said, let us take a look at this interesting phenomenon...

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Anvil Cave In
White Skull Tiamat
Exmortem Disturbed
Solemnity Regurgitate
Skullview Seether
Nazareth Vaginal Carnage
Steel Attack Lamb of God
Crematorium Masterplan
Powergod Dr. Butcher
Carnal Forge Byfist
Paragon Biomechanical
Godiva Dragonforce
Steel Preacher Beautiful Creatures
Hypocrisy Whitesnake
Slayer Brides of Destruction
Secret Sphere Tesla
F5 Drowning Pool
Scala Mercalli Cans
Messiah's Kiss Icon And The Black Roses
Edge Of Forever Estuary
Joe Lynn Turner Unleashed
Final Dawn Images of Eden
Nashville Pussy Otep
Throcult Witchburner
Hanzel Und Gretyl Behemoth
Tsjuder Betrayer
Sonata Arctica John Oliva's Pain
Motley Crue Blood Red Throne
Sabaton Shatterpoint
Heartcry Desire Black
Angtoria Chuck Schuldiner
the missing: Oathean
Bleed The Sky Bruce Dickinson
Frantic Bleep Fire Alley
Strapping Young Lad Callenish Circle
Grand Magus Burden Of Grief
Green Carnation Python
Darkane Sentenced
Gemini 5 The Father Panic Riot Orchestra
Nightvision Cannon
Impaled Nazarene Holy Blood
Lake Of Tears Peccatum
Russell Allen Dirty Americans
Winterfell ASG
Sun O))) Shattersphere
Damnation Balatonizer
Dechrist Mistress
Ram-Zet Asrai
Dragonlord Dogs Of Winter
Dismember Decapitated
Grimfist Thryfing
Witchery Tandjent
Fields Of The Nephilim The Berzerker
Clawfinger Cryptopsy
Manngard Phoenix Mourning
Dreams of Damnation Stormcrow
TK-421 Abysmal Dawn
Sun Descends Black Crucifixion
Upon Infliction Theater of Tragedy
Michael Orlando Fragments of Unbecoming
Space Odyssey Nachtmystium
Fleshgore Shadows Within
Hurt Zero Hour
Death Breath Pump
Wastefall Thy Majestie
Sathanas Winger
Blood Tsunami Hardcore Superstar
With Passion Manticore
Crescent Shield Spit Like This
Nominon Transmission 0
Wuthering Heights Malevolent Creation
Kruger Ulcerate
The Wonderfools Faith And Fire
Architect Cauldron
Destynation Pathosray
Heresi Night Ranger
Mass Extinction Demonic Symphony
Jesus Martyr Trivium
Armory Kreator
Uriah Heep Mustasch
Giant Squid Suffocation
Earthen Grave