Special Column: Heavy Metal As Scapegoat
11/9/2012 3:04:55 PM by Greg Watson

For as long as music and heinous acts of humanity have been around, the two have seemingly been entwined in a bitter union of blame. Musicians have been implicated for years in deaths, murders, suicides and ritual killings. What I would like to do is look at this phenomenon and some of the reasons why the blame falls on music, metal in particular, and the way people attack the music for its lyrical content and subject matter. I will try my best to limit the opinions to a minimum but inevitably some will creep into the piece so please understand that I am not saying that this is the final word, just how I feel. That being said, let us take a look at this interesting phenomenon...

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Leng Tch'e The Great Deceiver
Children Of Bodom Grave Digger
Deceased Goatwhore
Deranged Helloween
Warhorse Ring of Fire
Advent Fozzy
God Dethroned Hammerwhore
Brainstorm Goat Horn
Ion Vein Supervillain
Black Sabbath Lanfear
Axenstar Vhaldemar
Drillpoint Whitesnake
Edguy Krisiun
DevilDriver Lacuna Coil
Brides of Destruction Body Count
Fairyland I Hate Sally
Silver Mountain Celesty
Construcdead Leash Law
Skyfire Donnerkopf
Highlord Nova Lex
Black Zodiac Estuary
Dimmu Borgir Fabrizio Bonanno
Krokus Mob Rules
Scorpions Skeletonwitch
Wintersun Nashville Pussy
Theocracy Valume Nob
Chris Caffery Marshall Law
House of Shakira Throcult
The Project Hate Within Temptation
Ironhorse Anger
Angra Cryme
Rush Twisted Sister
Sonata Arctica Code Black
Kamelot Sabaton
Vicious Circle Strikelight
Carbomb Desire Black
Icarus Witch Apocalyptica
Wolverine Crimson Moonlight
Drunkard Soul SirkUS
Debris Inc. Kryoburn
Kinrick System Of A Down
Embraze Blind Stare
Sothis Darkane
Goddess Of Desire Unchained
Evemaster Cannon
Flotsam & Jetsam Loits
V:28 Illuminatus
Orphaned Land Before The Dawn
Russell Allen Evergrey
Violent Storm Algol3
Running Wild The Classic Struggle
Gorefest Early Man
Brother Hawk Pile of Heads
Totalisti Powerglove
Wolves in the Throne Room Scum
Tris Katone Leviathan/Sapthuran
Moonspell Ampast
Vreid Imagika
Stormcrow Spawn of Possession
She Said Destroy Dendura
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The Ruins of Beverast Battle Bratt
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The Gathering Dream Theater
The Chronicles of Israfel Zyklon
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Antigama Aborted
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