Eric's 2012 Halloween Playlist!
10/31/2012 3:05:27 PM by Eric

If you wanted something a little different while you're enjoying the night of spooks...

--"Tea For Three Plus One" – Woman In Black Original Soundtrack
--"The End" – 28 Days Later Soundtrack
--"Intro And Main Title" – Phantasm Soundtrack
--"Main Title" – Children Of The Corn Soundtrack
--"Main Title" – Halloween H2O Soundtrack
--"Jesus It’s Everywhere" – Dawn Of The Dead Soundtrack
--"Profondo Rosso" – Deep Red Soundtrack
--"The Graves" – Stephen King’s It"
--"Last Man On Earth" – Alice Cooper
--"Harvest Moon" – Blue Oyster Cult

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Anvil Slipknot
The Great Deceiver BloodDuster
Immolation Seven Witches
Overkill Ring of Fire
Vaginal Carnage Lamb of God
Crematorium Black Label Society
Pyn Siren Circle of Nero
Goat Horn Tungsten
Endless Time Byfist
Catch 22 Inner Rage of Emotion
Biomechanical Godiva
The Graveyard Boulevard Kilfast
Steel Preacher Victory
Evanesce Assrockers
Crystal Eyes Beautiful Creatures
Duke Savatage
Windseeker Pink Cream 69
Whitesnake Project: Failing Flesh
Iron Savior Mother Misery
Death Angel Black Stone Cherry
Yngwie Malmsteen Madison Paige
Bleeding Inc Epica
Amityville Whore David Shankle Group
Disarmonia Mundi Edge Of Forever
Marillion Cyst
Fabrizio Bonanno Psychotron
Occult Medusa
Theocracy Internal Bleeding
Slowlife Tartharia
Conquestador Acheron
Agnostic Front Anger
Karmakanic John Oliva's Pain
Milkweed Crowbar
Scenteria Miles Beyond
Kings X Hellfueled
Dirt Mechanical Poet
Soulscar Apocalyptica
Samael Diecast
Alex Skolnick Trio Pure Inc
Axis Of Perdition Frantic Bleep
Axel Rudi Pell Fire Alley
Kryoburn Swallow The Sun
Neil Turbin Callenish Circle
Fastkill Shade Empire
Slumber Hatesphere
Raging Speedhorn Agents Of Man
Mirador Graveworm
Darkane Testament
Sebastian Bach Dam
Widow Love Forsaken
Russell Allen ASG
Shattersphere Balatonizer
Gojira Vile
Celebratum Bronx Casket Company
Motorhead Vanquished
Absu Early Man
Nobody's Fool Katatonia
Nightmare Firehouse
Viron The Smashup
Imagika Down Factor
The Furor Spawn of Possession
Gorgoroth Azure
Destruction Swashbuckle
Ynis Vitrin I
Pump The Finals
Battle Bratt Wastefall
Satyricon Eyes of Ligeia
Sathanas The Showdown
Demise Melechesh
Stonegard Battered
Lord Belial Old Man's Child
Mithras Nominon
Tears Ulcerate
David Galas Hearse
Sworn Enemy Hellveto
Ensiferum Pathosray
Ride The Sky 40 Below Summer
Gutted With Broken Glass Rosetta
Jesus Martyr Burzum
Manilla Road SOS
To-Mera Intolerant
Mar De Grises Cursed
Wolfgate My Dying Bride
Caliban Raven
Earthen Grave