New Road Report: Primordial, While Heaven Wept, Cormorant
10/12/2012 3:09:06 PM by Etiam

"And if you don't like Thin Lizzy...fuck you."

Thus spake A.A. Nemtheanga, prophet of Primordial, emissaries from The Republic of Ireland. For those few concertgoers who might have been unaware of their provenance, Nemtheanga (Alan Averill) announced it to us more than once throughout their set, though his presence alone was clue enough. With face and shaved head smeared in black and white—more woad than corpsepaint—narrow suspenders holding up rough black pants tucked into high-lacing boots, a grimy white button-up missing its sleeves, and a crude cross of bone dangling like a noose around his perspiring neck, Alan was the perfect manifestation of a turn-of-the-20th-century Irish bludger— an English toff's back-alley nightmare...

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