New Interview with Katatonia vocalist: Jonas Renkse!
10/5/2012 2:57:37 PM by Etiam

Another Autumn, another trek for Katatonia across the expanse of North America. For three years running, these Swedish stalwarts have spent their Septembers serenading American audiences, ushering in the grey gloom of winter. It's a perfect season for them, and this year they ride alongside Paradise Lost and Devin Townsend under the banner of 'Epic Kings & Idols'.

The tour name in part makes reference to Katatonia's brand new record, 'Dead End Kings', a macabrely optimistic epithet that reflects the band's well-earned pride as well as their humility. During their last visit in 2011 I had spoken with Anders Nyström [guitar], but tonight I had the chance to dig deep with Jonas Renkse [vocals]. If the former is Katatonia's face then the latter is indisputably their voice. And that voice—crooning, delicate, but eerily resolute—has become an unlikley icon in a genre full of earthshakers and skyscrapers.

Our conversation, with all appropriate interjections and tangents (i.e. the return of Bloodbath), follows...

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