Staff Favorite Epic Songs!
8/17/2012 5:47:43 PM by Frank

Metal is known for eschewing the traditional pop song time of 3-4 minutes for practically any length. This time, we decided to feature our favorite EPIC songs.

Our basic criteria was they must be 10 minutes or longer in length and they must have a variety of musical arrangements.

Iron Maiden?
Dream Theater?

See what songs, with videos, made our list here: [Top Favorite Epic Songs]

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Cathedral Hate Eternal
The Kovenant Leng Tch'e
Lost Horizon Loudness
Scanner Slipknot
Immolation Mondo Generator
Anthrax Commit Suicide
Majesty Mark Boals
Advent Iron Maiden
Valley's Eve Hammerwhore
Nicta Saint
Runemagick Kilfast
Evanesce Assrockers
Rob Rock Nordheim
Axenstar Savatage
Tad Morose Thunderstone
Drillpoint Halloween
Pharaoh Defiled
Asperity Secret Sphere
Fairyland Hard Echo
Fear Factory Node
Ebony Ark Messiah's Kiss
Donnerkopf Edge Of Forever
Metalium Gary Moore
Cyst Estuary
Fabrizio Bonanno Krokus
Fireaxe Joey Belladonna
After Forever Otep
Theocracy Katagory V
Incantation Haunted By Angels
Acheron Blind Guardian
Made of Iron Anger
Behemoth Tsjuder
Azrael's Bane Paradise Lost
Crowbar Scenteria
Emerald Sun Helgrind
The Apocalyptic Riders Loudblast
Mystic Prophecy Samael
Antares Kaamos
Axis Of Perdition Frantic Bleep
Debris Inc. Swallow The Sun
System Of A Down Fastkill
Grand Magus Groundcrew
Embraze Sothis
Amorphis Darkane
Sentenced Dark Funeral
Slik Helvetika Leaves Eyes
Resurrecturis A Lower Deep
Octavia Sperati V:28
Black Majesty Pagan's Mind
Orphaned Land Before The Dawn
Crystal Fate Twilight
Shattersphere Vinterriket
Phantom X Mistress
Crystal Ball Urizen
Gorefest From This Day
Grimfist End My Sorrow
Powerglove Cardinale
Beyond Fear Wolves in the Throne Room
Thyrane Clawfinger
Event Horizon Warrant (Amer)
Athanator Dream Or Nightmare
Black Crucifixion Unsilent Phenomenon
Space Odyssey Psycroptic
From the Grave Shadows Within
Vicious Rumors The Ruins of Beverast
Pretty Maids Pump
The Finals Enochian Crescent
Wastefall Audrey Horne
Demise Steve Cone
Twisted Into Form Warbringer
Zyklon Cruachan
Blood of the Black Owl Trouble
Five Finger Death Punch Divine Empire
Antigama Tears
Hearse Faith And Fire
Ensiferum Cauldron
Spheric Universe Experience Distorted
Shining Star Rosetta
SOS Armory
Kreator Hacksaw Surgery
Equilibrium Celestia
Bible Of The Devil Cursed
Eighteen Wheels Burning