Staff Favorite Epic Songs!
8/17/2012 5:47:43 PM by Frank

Metal is known for eschewing the traditional pop song time of 3-4 minutes for practically any length. This time, we decided to feature our favorite EPIC songs.

Our basic criteria was they must be 10 minutes or longer in length and they must have a variety of musical arrangements.

Iron Maiden?
Dream Theater?

See what songs, with videos, made our list here: [Top Favorite Epic Songs]

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Cathedral HammerFall
Into Eternity Lost Horizon
Mudvayne Big Dumb Face
Carpathian Forest Grave Digger
Regurgitate Deranged
Kalibas Circle II Circle
Legend Powergod
Valley's Eve Carnal Forge
Conquest Johnny Lokke
Hammerwhore Byfist
Nicta Shakra
Sludge! Drillpoint
Whitesnake Primal Fear
Lacuna Coil Doro
Fairyland Killik
Devil To Pay Ebony Ark
Deep Purple Wolf
Icon And The Black Roses Gamma Ray
Judas Priest Black Zodiac
Black Destiny Shadows Fall
Occult Tearabyte
Unearth Z02
Arch Enemy The Last Act
Agnostic Front Behemoth
Tsjuder Rush
Twisted Sister Triumph
Betrayer Napalm Death
Cradle To Grave Miles Beyond
Impaled Seige of Hate
Necrophagia Hibria
Yyrkoon Vicious Circle
Car Bomb Nevermore
Samael Antares
Stormwarrior Alex Skolnick Trio
Freedom Call Drunkard
Holy Moses Operatika
Ignitor Impiety
Shade Empire Nightrage
Biss Python
Graveworm Unchained
Secrets She Kept Evemaster
Monolithe Prowler Inc.
Supagroup Sebastian Bach
Devil Lee Rot Love Forsaken
Impaled Nazarene Clutch
Flotsam & Jetsam Black Majesty
Monster Magnet Violent Storm
Penetrator Casus Belli
The Firstborn Ewigkeit
Arthemis Balatonizer
Thrones Dechrist
Gojira Wolfmother
Sinocence Beecher
Vader From This Day
Nobody's Fool Craft
Fallen Wisdom Thryfing
Witchery Powerglove
Intronaut Daylight Dies
Hell-Born The Berzerker
Tris Katone Cryptopsy
Moonspell Manngard
Cavalar Hirax
Stormcrow Non-Human Level
Ensoph Spawn of Possession
Michael Orlando Nachtmystium
Vicious Rumors Woodtemple
Pump The Abominable Iron Sloth
Enochian Crescent Battle Bratt
Lesbian Bed Death E-lane
Panzerchrist The Showdown
Winger Lecherous Nocturne
Skullflower Warmachine
Fu Manchu Hardcore Superstar
Lost Eden Onslaught
Zyklon Mendeed
Five Finger Death Punch Hacride
Pentacle Rob Zombie
Trenchfoot Randy Ellefson
Depressed Mode Night Ranger
Shining Star Ride The Sky
Ost Est Ima SOS
Medieval Steel Iron Fire
Battleroar Sotajumala
Crown The Lost Suffocation