Staff Favorite Epic Songs!
8/17/2012 5:47:43 PM by Frank

Metal is known for eschewing the traditional pop song time of 3-4 minutes for practically any length. This time, we decided to feature our favorite EPIC songs.

Our basic criteria was they must be 10 minutes or longer in length and they must have a variety of musical arrangements.

Iron Maiden?
Dream Theater?

See what songs, with videos, made our list here: [Top Favorite Epic Songs]

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Cave In In Flames
Scanner White Skull
Carpathian Forest Neck
Twelfth Gate Cradle of Filth
Twisted Tower Dire Kataklysm
Norma Jean Skullview
Rawhead Rexx Crematorium
Abigor Tungsten
Endless Time Catch 22
Rage Evanesce
Stryper Silent Scythe
Whitesnake Iron Savior
Doro Royal Anguish
F5 Fear Factory
Node Shiva
Silver Mountain Exodus
Bang The Union Deep Purple
Icon And The Black Roses Skyfire
Marillion Lonewolf
Bonfire Meliah Rage
Lilitu Black Destiny
Metal Church Saxon
Tearabyte Medusa
Valume Nob Neurosis
Mine Six Feet Under
The Project Hate Blind Guardian
Made of Iron Anger
Seventh One Jackyl
Hanzel Und Gretyl Avenue F
Rush Creed
John Oliva's Pain Miles Beyond
Requiem Aeternam Astral Doors
Shatterpoint Suidakra
Backyard Babies Argument Soul
Oathean Bleed The Sky
Axis Of Perdition Lord Gore
Operatika Babylon
Shade Empire Ivory Knight
Disbelief Agents Of Man
Naglfar Slough Feg
Taake Dynamic Lights
Leaves Eyes Power Quest
Nightvision Resurrecturis
Scar Symmetry To The Bone
Winterfell Ignarus
Shattersphere Running Wild
Savage Circus Dechrist
Urizen Mental Care Foundation
Second Shadow Witchery
Sepultura Katatonia
Blackmore's Night Poison
286 Nikki Puppet
Tris Katone Clawfinger
Hate Profile The Strongest Proof
TK-421 Non-Human Level
Royal Hunt Spawn of Possession
Theater of Tragedy Before Silence
Hydrogyn War Within
Psycroptic Scary Manilow
Time Requiem Hurt
Setherial Teeth of the Hydra
Lesbian Bed Death Lordi
Darkness Eternal Better Left Unsaid
Kotipelto Centinex
Skullflower Hardcore Superstar
Omnium Gatherum Terry Sullivan
Throne of Katarsis Dream Theater
Warbringer Manticore
Mindgrinder Old Man's Child
Cruachan White Willow
Almah Mendeed
Passion Pantera
The Prophecy Gotthard
Antigama Glorior Belli
Fight Depressed Mode
Keldian Heresi
Distorted Dantesco
Averse Sefira Orthodox
Aetherius Obscuritas Blood Haven
Kiuas Sin
Wolfgate Battleroar
Sotajumala Sister Sin