R.I.P. Jon Lord
7/16/2012 2:23:54 PM by Frank

June 9 1941 July 16 2012

We at Maximum Metal salute you for your contribution to hard rock and music in general. Thanks for the badassery, Sir.

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Anvil Cave In
HammerFall The Kovenant
Leng Tch'e Loudness
Opeth Vicious Mary
Solemnity Deceased
Seven Witches Celestial Ode
Agoraphobic Nosebleed Widowmaker
Ravage Led Zeppelin
The Chainsaw Goat Horn
Endless Time Artension
Kilfast Malstrom
Guardians Of Time Eidolon
Mnemic Vhaldemar
Windseeker Drillpoint
Krisiun Lacuna Coil
Soul Reaper Drowning Pool
Killik Cryonic Temple
Funerus Celesty
Cans Deep Purple
Kingcrow Epica
U.D.O. Marillion
Cyst Joe Stump
Joe Lynn Turner Mob Rules
Insomnium Ungodly
Vox Tempus Rhapsody of Fire
Shadows Fall Dio
Beaten Back To Pure Lullacry
GWAR Conquestador
Arch Enemy The Last Act
Acheron Blind Guardian
Trans-Siberian Orchestra Behemoth
John Oliva's Pain Mercenary
Feared Creation Audiovision
Crionics Shatterpoint
Soulscar Carbomb
Bruce Dickinson Frantic Bleep
Drunkard Thunderblast
Neil Turbin Ramesses
Callenish Circle Burden Of Grief
Embraze Rudra
Vicious Art Killing Spree
Alice Cooper Holy Blood
Morgana Lefay Edenbridge
The Scourger Lake Of Tears
Peccatum Redemption
Pagan's Mind Eternal Reign
Blood Thirsty Demons Winterfell
Bolt Thrower Ignarus
1349 Running Wild
Avenged Sevenfold Ewigkeit
Balatonizer Define Divine
Chain Collector Skullshifter
Khold Absu
Beecher Vader
Sodom End My Sorrow
Cardinale Poison
Upwards of Endtime Viron
Vore The Smashup
Pyramaze Bal-Sagoth
8th Sin Apiary
Space Odyssey Paul Bonrud
Psycroptic Sahg
Time Requiem Mouth of the Architect
Shadows Within The Ruins of Beverast
Death Breath Semargl
Isis Biolich
Venom Escape The Fate
Panzerchrist Cheva
Demise Lecherous Nocturne
Handful of Hate Blood Tsunami
Melechesh Warbringer
Manticore Cruachan
Incrave Marc Sasso
Almah Pantera
Rob Zombie Warner Drive
Blut Aus Nord Ulcerate
Randy Ellefson Architect
Keldian Orthodox
Mortiis Ost Est Ima
The Obsessed Manilla Road
Iron Fire End of Man
Battleroar Sotajumala
Sister Sin