New Maximum Metal Instagram Account!
7/2/2012 1:37:13 PM by Frank

In addition to our other social forays, we now have a personal INSTAGRAM account setup for Maximum Metal.

For those who aren't familiar with it, Instagram is a free, social, photo-sharing ap for cell phones (certain websites can be used for browser viewing).  Our intent is to post concert pics and other metal-related shenanigans.

We've started off with some photographs of Opeth, In Flames, Trivium, and Katatonia. We'll also be padding it out with some of the older pics from our Gallery section.

Look for some great live pics from the current Iron Maiden and Iced Earth tours soon!

Our instagram username: maximummetal
Browser link: http://www.gramfeed.com/maximummetal

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HammerFall LA Guns
Steel Prophet BloodDuster
Disturbed Rebellion
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Kataklysm Ring of Fire
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Saint Morbid Angel
Sinergy Mnemic
Silent Scythe Drillpoint
Whitesnake Fraise
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Illuminatus Sun O)))
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Asrai Hate
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