Greg's Top 10 Queensryche Songs
6/22/2012 1:22:04 PM by Frank

It's been announced on news sites that Geoff Tate and Queenryche have split with the other members taking on the Queensryche name after having previously started a side band named Rising West with Crimson Glory singer Todd La Torre.

Positions on it here at MM have ranged from "they should change their name cause Tate is QRyche" to "can't wait to hear new QR going metal" to "Tate can take his indy solo albums and get the fuck out".

Whatever happens, they were what they were and they will be what they will be. We're anxious to see what happens.

Greg's Top 10 Queensryche Songs:
1. Roads to Madness
2. Della Brown
3. Eyes of a Stranger
4. Screaming in Digital
5. Queen of the Reich
6. The Mission
7. Neue Regel
8. The Lady Wore Black
9. Before the Storm
10. The Chase

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Hate Eternal Nightwish
Slipknot Grave Digger
Deceased Goatwhore
Norma Jean Helloween
Godsmack Usurper
Iron Maiden Liege Lord
Widowmaker Ravage
Sickspeed Manowar
Power of Omens Dr. Butcher
Black Label Society Tungsten
Saint Biomechanical
Dragonforce Bloodbath
Sevendust Chainsnap
Steel Preacher Dream Weaver
Rob Rock Mnemic
Drillpoint Pharaoh
Wicked Sensation Defiled
Brides of Destruction Asperity
Bang The Union Messiah's Kiss
Bleeding Inc W.A.S.P.
Wolf Skyfire
Metalium U.D.O.
Ministry Zaius
Juggernott Acrid
Devil In The Kitchen Vox Tempus
Meliah Rage Black Destiny
Katagory V Scavenger
Polterchrist Jungle Rot
The Project Hate Overlorde
Anger Jackyl
Cryme Triumph
Betrayer Sonata Arctica
Fifth Cross Motley Crue
Lost Soul Hellfueled
Requiem Aeternam Veni Domine
Dirt Labyrinth
Suidakra Antares
Stormwarrior Bruce Dickinson
Operatika Strapping Young Lad
Thunderblast Callenish Circle
Babylon Ivory Knight
Blind Stare Astarte
Sothis Amorphis
God Among Insects Brand New Sin
Slough Feg Subterranean Masquerade
Nuse Prowler Inc.
Horna Sebastian Bach
Thor Love Forsaken
Agents Of The Sun Nuclear Assault
Dragonia Sun O)))
The Firstborn Third Degree
Savage Circus Damnation
Vile Infliction
Avulsed Asrai
Mastermind God Forbid
Torture Killer Gorefest
Dismember Absu
Decapitated Taunusheim
Wolves in the Throne Room Boris
Clawfinger Event Horizon
Moonspell The Ocean
Valhalla Vore
Athanator Down Factor
Bludgeon The Furor
Apiary Theater of Tragedy
Suzukiton She Said Destroy
Psycroptic Time Requiem
Pump Anata
Thy Majestie Semargl
Biolich Obtest
Gaza The Gathering
Diagnose: Lebensgefahr Southern Gentleman
Madking Ludwig Merciless Death
Cattle Decapitation Trenchfoot
Glorior Belli Throneum
The Wonderfools Hellveto
Temple Of Blood Cauldron
Destynation Pathosray
Bilocate Mortiis
Jesus Martyr Aetherius Obscuritas
Pop Evil Witchfinder General
SOS To-Mera
Moonshine Equilibrium
The Lamp of Thoth Medieval Steel
Uriah Heep Kiuas
Place Of Skulls Cursed
DC4 Raven