25 Years Ago--Staff Top 10 Albums of 1987!
5/25/2012 2:37:16 PM by Frank

"History was in the making and my generation could feel the fire and desire in the air and on the airwaves. We held our breath hoping this would trap that year in a paradox gasping for oxygen and still blowing the winds of rock across America forever. In that moment, we immortalized 1987 as not only a year in time, but also as a year that will always be considered by many as "back in the day" in our hearts and memories. God bless 1987 and all those fortunate enough to have lived and survived and continue to regard it as the best of the best 25 years later." --Jonah

Staff Top 10 Albums of 1987: [Column Link]

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Cave In Hate Eternal
Racer X The Haunted
Vicious Mary Chaingunn
Twisted Tower Dire Skullview
Gun Barrel Solace
Helloween Mark Boals
Ring of Fire Ravage
God Dethroned Goat Horn
Tungsten Exawatt
Endless Time Paragon
Godiva Artension
Runemagick Sinergy
Vhaldemar Stalker
Hypocrisy Brides of Destruction
Dreamaker Force Of Evil
Soil Ebony Ark
Bleeding Inc Metalium
Spiral Madness Mob Rules
Chapter VIII Saxon
Dio Beaten Back To Pure
Aina Tearabyte
Annihilator Scavenger
Age Of Silence I.C.E.
Valume Nob Jamie. St. James
Arch Enemy Incantation
Mirror of Deception Anger
Helgrind Rottweiller
Blood Red Throne Hellfueled
Dirt Quiet Riot
Sabaton Angtoria
Wolverine Samael
Diecast Argument Soul
Oathean Boomerang
Meshuggah Axis Of Perdition
Chastain Debris Inc.
Babylon Astarte
Testament Kult ov Azazel
Dam Widow
Clutch Agents Of The Sun
A Lower Deep Warchild
Nuclear Assault To The Bone
Mercyful Fate Redemption
The Atomic Bitchwax Crystal Fate
Sun O))) Third Degree
Dechrist Dreamland
Ram-Zet Wolfmother
Urizen Asrai
Chain Collector Mastermind
The Classic Struggle Khold
Nocturnal Rites Brother Hawk
Craft Lair Of The Minotaur
Daylight Dies Steep
The Berzerker Firehouse
The Ocean Ampast
Cataract Candlemass
Speed/Kill/Hate Bludgeon
Ensoph Black Crucifixion
Dendura Nachtmystium
Paul Bonrud Psycroptic
Sahg Vicious Rumors
I Setherial
The Finals Celtic Frost
Warmachine Terry Sullivan
In This Moment Static-X
Mindgrinder Crescent Shield
Old Man's Child Grenouer
Nagelfar Incrave
Almah Satariel
Chrome Division Pantera
Gotthard Hacride
Nominon Tears
Retrospective Kruger
Ulcerate Hearse
Nation Beyond Cauldron
Spheric Universe Experience Mongrel
Father Befouled Burzum
SOS Moonshine
The More I See Place Of Skulls
Luna Mortis Papa Roach
Winterfylleth Suffocation