New Interview with DIY Hard Rockers--Rains!
5/18/2012 5:37:31 PM by Frank

We've been hearing about a certain band that has been creating some noise on stages across the States for the past year 1/2 and we decided to check them out. Meet nascent rockers Rains who have just kicked-off their first-ever headlining tour. After wrapping up a massive trek with Five Finger Death Punch, All That Remains and Hatebreed last year, and Black Stone Cherry and Cavo earlier this year, Rains is touring in support of their debut album, STORIES. The album contains the hit single, "Look In My Eyes" and is a rock solid offering overall.

Hailing from a small town in northern Indiana, lead singer/guitarist/band namesake Jeff Rains and company are making a name for themselves the old-fashioned way, with hard work and determination, winning over supporters one at a time with their poignant, emotive, melodic hard rock sound. In true DIY fashion, with no support from a traditional record label, the first single from their self-released debut album STORIES, "Liar", cracked the Top 15 of Sirius/XM's Octane channel, causing hard rock music fans to take notice.

We had the chance to grab Jeff in between shows and ask him a few questions…and we learned that as far as good bands go, when it Rains…it pours…

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