Eric's Top 5 Grave Digger Songs!
5/8/2012 3:00:48 PM by Frank

German's Grave Digger have been laying down thunderous Teutonic riffs for four decades now. Has the band finally reached the proverbial crossroads? Most definitely. However regardless of how complacent the band's current output is...these Germans have recorded legendary albums and have etched their signature sound into the mantle of metal.

EC's Top 5 Grave Digger Songs:

5. "Demon's Day" - Off of the 1995 release "Heart Of Darkness", I love Boltendahl's broken English on the chorus..."You're my WICTIM, You're my prey!". This one is sort of German power thrash put to the beat of AC/DC. Its catchy!

4. "Back To The Roots" - Taken from the 1993 album "Symphony Of Death", this one is a thrash groove with tons of up front drums and the perfect production job. The gang vocals really bring it to life in the middle. This was the band's comeback after the 80s breakup.

3. "Rebellion (The Clans Are Marching)" - Lifted from 1996's "Tunes Of War". "This one is a live staple of the band and has the most recognizable chorus of any Grave Digger cut. Just an epic sing along.

2. "Lionheart" - Off the 1998 record "Knights Of The Cross", the opening speed riff has actually been copied a few times by the band in later albums. This is a crushing power romp!

1. "World Of Fools" - Taken from the 1994 EP "Symphony Of Death", this is THE Grave Digger song I go to first. The drum recording is just out of this world, think John Bonham meets Dave Lombardo...the toms are just bombastic. The band's acoustic strings through the first few verses lead into a charging electric riff that makes this one of the best metal songs of all time.

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