New Interview with Warbringer!
3/23/2012 3:10:23 PM by Frank

Maximum Metal's Greg Watson recently caught up with John Kevill of Warbringer to discuss the current tour, their new release "Worlds Torn Asunder", his vocal influences, making videos, and Thrash music in general:

MM: With people downloading their music a good deal nowadays, do you and/or the band have a particular stance on downloading?

John: Um, as for how it effects us it hurts us tremendously for a band of our size. As far as my stance, that is the modern age and we will deal with it. For us to make this work, we have to tour as much cause record sales just don't hold up their end of keeping the wheels turning and puts more emphasis on doing live shows. It has its ups and downs and that's one thing that won't change in regards to downloading. I am not gonna be against it and the most positive thing that I can take from it is that anyone can go check us out without making any kind of commitment and that's good and a lot of people have found out about us that way. You could make a big stink about it and pull a Lars and prosecute your fans and I don't wanna do that myself. I've read news of bands I've liked doing that and I don't wanna do that but I would say if you check out one of our records and you really like it, go out and buy it. If you listen to it and you think it's ok then keep your mp3's and listen to it whenever. If you really love the music it's cool to support it and the best way to do it nowadays is to go to the show and support the cause of heavy metal.

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