New Interview with Eric Peterson from Testament!
3/2/2012 5:14:29 PM by Frank

Maximum Metal's Greg Watson recently caught up with Eric Peterson from Testament to talk about the new record, the Big 4 Tour, and what inspires him after 25+ years of thrashing:

For us, we didn't become a phenomenon or overnight success and we were in a weird state--big but not big like a Metallica or Anthrax so to speak. It's weird...I don't know if our records would be as real if we had become as big as some of those bands did when they broke onto the scene. If we had the success that some of the Big 4 had...I always wondered what would our records would sound like now. I think we're still relevant being in the underground scene so to speak. We've been able to make a living out of doing something that we love. And obviously the love of the music is what keeps driving us.

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