New Interview with Katatonia co-founder Anders Nyström!
2/24/2012 2:43:29 PM by Frank

On the Friday before Halloween in Chicago's North Side neighborhood of Lakeview, I sat down for a chat with Katatonia co-founder Anders Nyström. As direct support for Opeth on the North American 'Heritage' tour, the band had already been on the road for five weeks, with the Chicago show coming to the Vic Theatre. After meeting the band's tour manager beneath the flashing 'Sold Out' marquee, I was led to a side entrance and into a downstairs corridor where Opeth and Katatonia occupied opposing dressing rooms. There I found Anders, Daniel Liljekvist (drums), and Niklas Sandin (live bassist), in repose on a couple couches, with Jonas Renkse (vocals) and "Sodo" (live guitars) passing in and out. After introductions, I squeezed in cozily next to Daniel while Anders' put aside his Mac, marked with a sticker of their old pentagram logo over the glowing Apple on its back. Our conversation was casual and convivial, and I found Anders to be a companionable fellow, at ease on a broad array of topics. Comprising the better part of an hour, our (very loosely edited) conversation follows... --Etiam

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