New Gallery Pics--In Flames, Trivium, and Veil of Maya
2/17/2012 4:30:40 PM by Frank

"I'm a big fan of In Flames and Trivium--they always put on a great show; Veil of Maya was a first for me and they rocked it. Usually, I bail outside and sift through pix after shooting a support band but VOM were so much fun to watch that I stuck around..." --Debbie

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Bathory Hate Eternal
Lost Horizon The Great Deceiver
Chaingunn Big Dumb Face
Tiamat Deceased
Neck December
Helloween Vaginal Carnage
Firewind Manowar
Angel Dust God Dethroned
Hammerwhore The Chainsaw
Tungsten Catch 22
SelfInflicted Chainsnap
Kilfast Rage
King Diamond Malstrom
Rob Rock Stryper
Tad Morose Pink Cream 69
Wicked Sensation Royal Anguish
Hard Echo Neverland
Three Inches of Blood Gothic Knights
Devil To Pay Bleeding Inc
Lonewolf Zaius
Hatework Joe Lynn Turner
Metal Church Imp
Final Dawn Shadows Fall
Otep Division
Polterchrist Necrodemon
Slowlife Dark Ruin
Mine Hanzel Und Gretyl
Behemoth Tristania
Napalm Death Feared Creation
Helgrind Audiovision
Divine Fire Miles Beyond
Maze Of Torment Hibria
Sabaton Shatterpoint
Yyrkoon Strikelight
Nevermore Apocalyptica
Chuck Schuldiner Backyard Babies
Samael Kaamos
God Fear None Pure Inc
Bleed The Sky Drunkard
Soul SirkUS Debris Inc.
Fire Alley Kinrick
Gizmachi Raintime
Babylon Slumber
Nightrage Green Carnation
Ivory Knight Defleshed
Astarte Manntis
Amorphis Darkane
Testament Dark Funeral
Circus Maximus Dynamic Lights
Voyager Gemini 5
Sebastian Bach Widow
Sheavy Holy Blood
Morgana Lefay Edenbridge
Scar Symmetry A Lower Deep
To The Bone Redemption
V:28 Blood Thirsty Demons
Sun O))) Third Degree
Mabon Avenged Sevenfold
Ghost Machinery Dechrist
Even X Gojira
Overmars Skullshifter
Torture Killer Vader
Early Man Craft
Totalisti Witchery
Poison Beyond Fear
Scum The Ocean
Viron Elvenking
Athanator TK-421
Dawn of Azazel Royal Hunt
Cult of Luna Unsilent Phenomenon
Hydrogyn Agalloch
Vicious Rumors The Ruins of Beverast
Pump Eyes of Ligeia
Teeth of the Hydra E-lane
The Showdown Starkweather
Lost Eden Battered
Lord Belial Mindgrinder
The Chronicles of Israfel Incrave
Passion Chrome Division
Textures Pentacle
Aborted Warner Drive
Wuthering Heights Cauldron
Heresi Dantesco
Trivium Burzum
Suspyre Suffocation