New Gallery Pics--In Flames, Trivium, and Veil of Maya
2/17/2012 4:30:40 PM by Frank

"I'm a big fan of In Flames and Trivium--they always put on a great show; Veil of Maya was a first for me and they rocked it. Usually, I bail outside and sift through pix after shooting a support band but VOM were so much fun to watch that I stuck around..." --Debbie

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Demons and Wizards Twilight Odyssey
BloodDuster Misery Index
Anthrax Cradle of Filth
Deranged Seether
Steel Attack Widowmaker
Manowar Powergod
God Dethroned Valley's Eve
Cage Led Zeppelin
Pyn Siren Goat Horn
Exawatt Iced Earth
Inner Rage of Emotion Wycked Synn
Sludge! Attacker
Pharaoh Whitesnake
Project: Failing Flesh Shiva
Silver Mountain Drowning Pool
Killik Riot
downBleed Leash Law
Skyfire Velvet Revolver
Marillion Ministry
Cyst De Lirium's Order
Destructor Therion
Fireaxe Insomnium
Chapter VIII Vox Tempus
Imp Aina
Medusa Eternal Flight
Age Of Silence I.C.E.
Marshall Law Conquestador
Within Temptation Agnostic Front
Mirror of Deception Azrael's Bane
Paradise Lost Ligeia
The Apocalyptic Riders Shatterpoint
Car Bomb Icarus Witch
Carina Alfie Apocalyptica
Wolverine Crimson Moonlight
Argument Soul Stormwarrior
Severe Torture Derek Sherinian
Debris Inc. Callenish Circle
Defleshed Agents Of Man
Python Sothis
Amorphis Unchained
Kult ov Azazel Dynamic Lights
Voyager The Father Panic Riot Orchestra
Alice Cooper Thor
Widow Wetwork
Havochate Agents Of The Sun
Peccatum Russell Allen
1349 Forever Slave
Balatonizer Thrones
Crystal Ball Celebratum
Dragonlord God Forbid
Absolution Machina
End of Level Boss Grimfist
Enforsaken Brother Hawk
Craft Fallen Wisdom
Thryfing Naked Beggars
Ephel Duath Codeon
Beyond Fear Steep
Firehouse Vore
Ampast Bal-Sagoth
Candlemass Stormcrow
Psycroptic Warface
Woodtemple I
Wednesday 13 Setherial
Battle Bratt Zoroaster
Semargl Mastodon
Rotting Christ Teeth of the Hydra
Lordi Audrey Horne
Winger Cheva
Diagnose: Lebensgefahr Hardcore Superstar
In This Moment Warbringer
Cruachan Grenouer
Marc Sasso Mithras
Spit Like This Pentacle
Transmission 0 Faith And Fire
Pathosray Night Ranger
Mass Extinction Pathology
Glenn Hughes Shining Star
Gutted With Broken Glass Deceiver
Ost Est Ima Pop Evil
SOS Vulture Industries
Celestia Alestorm
Cursed Nasty Idols
Uli Jon Roth