New Road Report: Mayhem, Keep of Kalessin, Hate, Abigail Williams, Woe!
12/16/2011 2:02:22 PM by Frank

More reckless than Emperor, madder than Immortal, more rampaging than Burzum or Darkthrone, and grimmer than Gorgoroth, Mayhem have long since shed the trappings of orthodox black metal. But their claim to be "The One True..." is never in doubt. Wherever they roam, Mayhem are kings. As I wandered back to the car, trying to put what I'd just seen into context, I could only think of Nietzsche's warning not to gaze into the abyss overlong, for the abyss gazes also. And it is the Wolf's Lair.

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The Kovenant Children Of Bodom
White Skull Carpathian Forest
Anthrax Impellitteri
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Dark Moor Sickspeed
Firewind Angel Dust
Led Zeppelin Conquest
The Chainsaw Shakra
Catch 22 Iced Earth
Mourning Beloveth Guardians Of Time
Eidolon Drillpoint
Pharaoh Whitesnake
Edguy DevilDriver
Slayer Dew Scented
Tesla F5
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Audiovision The Mighty Nimbus
Miles Beyond Hellfueled
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Labyrinth Astral Doors
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Soul SirkUS Holy Moses
Swallow The Sun Def Leppard
Hatesphere Python
Communic Darkane
Slough Feg Subterranean Masquerade
Taake Secrets She Kept
Prowler Inc. Horna
Gemini 5 Power Quest
Agents Of The Sun Painmuseum
Orphaned Land Violent Storm
ASG Arthemis
The Absence Phantom X
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Second Shadow Southern Black Sand
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