New Road Report: Mayhem, Keep of Kalessin, Hate, Abigail Williams, Woe!
12/16/2011 2:02:22 PM by Frank

More reckless than Emperor, madder than Immortal, more rampaging than Burzum or Darkthrone, and grimmer than Gorgoroth, Mayhem have long since shed the trappings of orthodox black metal. But their claim to be "The One True..." is never in doubt. Wherever they roam, Mayhem are kings. As I wandered back to the car, trying to put what I'd just seen into context, I could only think of Nietzsche's warning not to gaze into the abyss overlong, for the abyss gazes also. And it is the Wolf's Lair.

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Leng Tch'e Lost Horizon
The Great Deceiver Stratovarius
Commit Suicide Overkill
Circle II Circle Majesty
Mark Boals Agoraphobic Nosebleed
Ravage Wizard
Angel Dust God Dethroned
Late Nite Romeo Vyndykator
Tungsten Supervillain
Godiva Thunderbolt
Curriculum Mortis Kilfast
King Diamond Evanesce
Vhaldemar Attacker
Edguy Lacuna Coil
Defiled Tesla
Three Inches of Blood Shiva
Silver Mountain Killik
Gothic Knights Scala Mercalli
Babylon Mystery Orchestra Ebony Ark
Freakhouse Messiah's Kiss
W.A.S.P. Epica
Disarmonia Mundi Feinstein
Chapter VIII After Forever
Lullacry Necrodemon
Jungle Rot Slowlife
Jamie. St. James Arch Enemy
Seventh One Cryme
Twisted Sister Crowbar
The New Breed The Mighty Nimbus
Entombed Maze Of Torment
Korpiklaani Yyrkoon
John Sykes Diecast
Chaoswave Freedom Call
Meshuggah Swallow The Sun
Callenish Circle Fastkill
Impiety Throes of Dawn
Green Carnation Blind Stare
Manntis God Among Insects
Subterranean Masquerade Secrets She Kept
Evemaster Horna
Ritual Killer Dam
A Lower Deep The Scourger
Pagan's Mind Monster Magnet
Armored Saint Violent Storm
Overloaded Algol3
Vinterriket Damnation
Thrones Crystal Ball
Doomfoxx Infliction
Asrai Mastermind
Midnight Idols Zero Down
Torture Killer End of Level Boss
Taunusheim Insense
Sodom Second Shadow
Totalisti Naked Beggars
Cannibal Corpse Intronaut
286 Nikki Puppet
Beyond Fear Nightmare
Daylight Dies Scum
Firehouse Degree Absolute
Moonspell Silver Dirt
Ampast Speed/Kill/Hate
The Sword TK-421
Black Crucifixion Amon Amarth
Psycroptic Skid Row
Burialmound Hurt
Enochian Crescent Semargl
Eyes of Ligeia Eighteen Visions
Winger Darkness Eternal
Kotipelto Steve Cone
Fu Manchu Lost Eden
Madking Ludwig Old Man's Child
Marc Sasso Chrome Division
Katrina Johansson Aborted
Warner Drive Trenchfoot
Nation Beyond Fight
Sworn Enemy Temple Of Blood
Dantesco Averse Sefira
Father Befouled Pop Evil
Celestia Alestorm
Sin Luna Mortis
Coffins Mustasch