Offenders of the Faith Pt. I: Metallica
12/9/2011 3:47:20 PM by Jonah Haze

Before this new Lou Reed record dropped, their sub-textual apology drowned in the tears of passion for the "best project of their career." The only contingency plan was to cry, like the soap opera queens they are, that the critics and fans just don't get it.

No. We don't get it and we are ashamed of them. After twenty years of cunning jumps over Hollywood land sharks like rock stars with fast cars, who do you think you are? Everything you ever claimed to stand against.

Well, fuck you.

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Bathory Lost Horizon
The Haunted BloodDuster
Poisonblack Deceased
Goatwhore Norma Jean
Seven Witches Godsmack
Seether Nazareth
Godflesh Steel Attack
Iron Maiden Widowmaker
Sickspeed Abigor
October 31 Pelican
Ion Vein Tungsten
Iced Earth Bloodbath
Thunderbolt Chainsnap
Morbid Angel Malstrom
Eidolon Edguy
Project: Failing Flesh Deivos
Dew Scented Royal Anguish
Fairyland Three Inches of Blood
Killik Icon And The Black Roses
Velvet Revolver Brutal Mastication
Acrid Krokus
Therion Scorpions
Meliah Rage Tearabyte
Lullacry Otep
Katagory V Scavenger
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Neurosis GWAR
Throcult Dark Ruin
The Last Act Overlorde
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Embraze Defleshed
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Subterranean Masquerade Ritual Killer
Morgana Lefay Clutch
Octavia Sperati Pagan's Mind
Before The Dawn Armored Saint
Dirty Americans Overloaded
1349 Third Degree
Skullshifter Celebratum
The Tenth Circle Detonation
From This Day Grimfist
Nobody's Fool Mental Care Foundation
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