Top Staff Heavy Metal/Hard Rock Cover Songs!
11/18/2011 2:49:14 PM by Frank

Some people are purists who prefer that original compositions stay as they are, but we're open to different artistic interpretations of even the most classic songs. These are the ones that our staff currently likes. Check them out and let us know yours!

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Anvil In Flames
Into Eternity Nightwish
Scanner Vehemence
Grave Vicious Mary
Twilight Odyssey Carpathian Forest
Dokken Solemnity
Anthrax Kataklysm
Dirty Power Godsmack
Queensryche Agoraphobic Nosebleed
Widowmaker Power of Omens
Dr. Butcher Alchemy X
Circle of Nero Evolution
Black Sabbath Thunderbolt
Runemagick Rage
Duke Halloween
Pink Cream 69 Defiled
Secret Sphere F5
Fear Factory Three Inches of Blood
Node Death Angel
Killik Bang The Union
Bleeding Inc Edge Of Forever
Lonewolf Iron Angel
Judas Priest Schenker/ Pattison Summit
Destructor Imp
Lullacry Theocracy
Katagory V Megadeth
Scavenger GWAR
Conquestador Behemoth
Twisted Sister Tristania
Triumph Feared Creation
Code Black Emerald Sun
Rottweiller The Apocalyptic Riders
Lost Soul Soilwork
Seige of Hate Necrophagia
Labyrinth Vicious Circle
Strikelight Backyard Babies
Argument Soul Severe Torture
Novembers Doom Meshuggah
Soul SirkUS Fire Alley
Kryoburn Operatika
Ignitor Burden Of Grief
Loits Dragonia
Blood Thirsty Demons Winterfell
Overloaded 1349
Running Wild Arthemis
The Absence Paths Of Possession
Spellbound The Classic Struggle
Decapitated Taunusheim
Early Man Sodom
Nobody's Fool Craft
Witchery Powerglove
Upwards of Endtime Steep
Dissection Event Horizon
The Ocean Manngard
The Smashup Elvenking
Athanator The Sword
The Strongest Proof TK-421
Apiary Ensoph
Black Crucifixion Theater of Tragedy
Michael Orlando War Within
Scary Manilow Skid Row
Time Requiem Fleshgore
Mouth of the Architect Skyforger
Zoroaster Isis
Darkness Eternal Extium
Deicide Gaza
Skullflower Twisted Into Form
Warmachine Threat Signal
Onslaught Omnium Gatherum
Terry Sullivan Old Man's Child
Dezperadoz Cattle Decapitation
Almah Trouble
Divine Empire Since the Day
Aborted Kruger
Depressed Mode Keldian
Spheric Universe Experience Night Ranger
Dantesco Rosetta
Vulture Industries To-Mera
Puscifer Armory
Kreator Trinacria
Bullet For My Valentine Celestia
Uriah Heep Bible Of The Devil
Place Of Skulls Wolfgate