Top Staff Heavy Metal/Hard Rock Cover Songs!
11/18/2011 2:49:14 PM by Frank

Some people are purists who prefer that original compositions stay as they are, but we're open to different artistic interpretations of even the most classic songs. These are the ones that our staff currently likes. Check them out and let us know yours!

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The Kovenant Lost Horizon
Racer X Loudness
Scanner Sinner
Steel Prophet White Skull
Carpathian Forest Misery Index
Poisonblack Exmortem
Perzonal War Twisted Tower Dire
Norma Jean Queensryche
Circle II Circle Usurper
Ring of Fire Ravage
Dark Moor Legend
Endless Time Agony Divine
Nicta SelfInflicted
Mourning Beloveth Nordheim
Stryper Duke
Drillpoint Halloween
Murdercycle Pharaoh
Secret Sphere Dew Scented
Tesla Volbeat
Gothic Knights Funerus
Scala Mercalli Jaw
Kingcrow Donnerkopf
Nova Lex Jorn
Dragonspoon Hatework
Spiral Madness Mob Rules
After Forever Black Destiny
Aina Medusa
Annihilator Z02
Neurosis GWAR
Incantation Karmakanic
Tristania Creed
Betrayer Legion
Cradle To Grave The Mighty Nimbus
Impaled Korpiklaani
Astral Doors Vicious Circle
Soulscar Suidakra
Desire Black Wolverine
the missing: Diecast
Stormwarrior Alex Skolnick Trio
God Fear None Derek Sherinian
Chastain Operatika
Fastkill Grand Magus
Throes of Dawn Pro-Pain
Groundcrew Defleshed
Rudra Astarte
Python God Among Insects
Ektomorf Darkane
Slough Feg Goddess Of Desire
Unshine Kult ov Azazel
Prowler Inc. Horna
Thor Fates Warning
Wetwork Clutch
The Atomic Bitchwax Dragonia
Before The Dawn Sun O)))
Dechrist Cryogen
Asrai Define Divine
Zero Down The Tenth Circle
Dogs Of Winter Khold
Insense Sodom
Grimfist Fallen Wisdom
Cannibal Corpse Hell-Born
Steep Tris Katone
Clawfinger Silver Dirt
Athanator The Strongest Proof
Unsilent Phenomenon Nachtmystium
Mouth of the Architect Pretty Maids
Battle Bratt Thy Majestie
Amputated Cult of Daath
Lesbian Bed Death Obtest
Deicide Lost Eden
In This Moment Warbringer
The Chronicles of Israfel Chrome Division
Pantera Pentacle
Blut Aus Nord David Galas
The Wonderfools Fight
Himsa Hell N' Diesel
Spheric Universe Experience Deceiver
Mortiis Last Stone Cast
Embalming Theatre Souls Of We
Uriah Heep Kiuas
End of Man Luna Mortis
Nasty Idols Mustasch
Sotajumala Uli Jon Roth
Giant Squid Dark Castle