Top Staff Heavy Metal/Hard Rock Cover Songs!
11/18/2011 2:49:14 PM by Frank

Some people are purists who prefer that original compositions stay as they are, but we're open to different artistic interpretations of even the most classic songs. These are the ones that our staff currently likes. Check them out and let us know yours!

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Bathory Cathedral
Leng Tch'e Mudvayne
Nightwish White Skull
Big Dumb Face Carpathian Forest
Poisonblack Tiamat
Exmortem Solemnity
Regurgitate Twelfth Gate
Stratovarius Deranged
Queensryche Sickspeed
Dr. Butcher Carnal Forge
Sevendust Chainsnap
Assrockers Rob Rock
Sinergy Stryper
Axenstar Eidolon
Halloween Edguy
Probot Doro
Fairyland Tesla
Force Of Evil Black Stone Cherry
Yngwie Malmsteen Celesty
Riot Freakhouse
Madison Paige Graveland
Amityville Whore Icon And The Black Roses
Low Earth Orbit Zaius
Brutal Mastication Feinstein
Joe Lynn Turner Therion
Chapter VIII Goatsnake
Scorpions After Forever
Black Destiny Shadows Fall
Beaten Back To Pure Eternal Flight
Polterchrist Necrodemon
Dark Ruin Silent Force
Trans-Siberian Orchestra Anger
Jackyl Hanzel Und Gretyl
Angra Kinetic
Code Black Helgrind
Kings X Mechanical Poet
Soulscar Suidakra
Wolverine the missing:
Alex Skolnick Trio Freedom Call
Novembers Doom Neil Turbin
Ignitor Gizmachi
Raintime Grand Magus
Impiety Shade Empire
Defleshed Slough Feg
Subterranean Masquerade Sentenced
Ritual Killer Iron Maidens
Blitzkrieg The Scourger
Nuclear Assault Future is Tomorrow
Lake Of Tears Monster Magnet
Avenged Sevenfold Thrones
Midnight Idols Skullshifter
Gorefest Khold
Vanquished Absu
Machina End of Level Boss
Early Man Grimfist
Nobody's Fool Mental Care Foundation
Witchery Cardinale
286 Nikki Puppet
The Berzerker Viron
Manngard Imagika
Athanator Cataract
8th Sin Abysmal Dawn
Non-Human Level Black Crucifixion
Hydrogyn Paul Bonrud
Sahg Wednesday 13
The Ruins of Beverast The Finals
Oblomov Amputated
Lesbian Bed Death Obtest
Lordi Panzerchrist
Centinex Handful of Hate
The Gathering Fu Manchu
Threat Signal Dream Theater
Crescent Shield Grenouer
Marc Sasso Mendeed
Katrina Johansson Trenchfoot
Malevolent Creation The Wonderfools
Faith And Fire Orthodox
Bilocate 40 Below Summer
Jesus Martyr Straight Line Stitch
SOS Moonshine
Equilibrium Medieval Steel
Son of Eric UFOmammut
Faded Hope Sotajumala
DC4 Raven
Uli Jon Roth Sister Sin