New Road Report: Immolation, Jungle Rot, and Gigan
11/10/2011 5:10:49 PM by Frank

A seventy-minute set is a decent length for any metal headliner, but for a band as demanding (both of its members and its audience) as Immolation, it was a veritable marathon. And a worthy one.

Listening to Immolation on record, I sometimes cannot fathom how these riffs are conceived of, much less executed, so it is refreshing to see that they don’t look any easier when Bob plays them. Some bands come on stage and rip through finger-bending riffs as if they were an AC/DC cover band, but Bob wrenches every last dissonant chord and strangled harmonic from his instrument. He is also the only lead guitarist I know of who can exhort the crowd and lead them in fist-pumping…in the middle of his own solo. But this is Immolation’s way—physically explosive, mentally relentless, and sonically tortuous.

Link: Full Road Report

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