Eric's Top 10 In Flames Songs
10/28/2011 2:14:51 PM by Eric

EC's Top 10 In Flames Songs

10. "Episode 666" - I think this is in everyone's top ten!

9. "Ordinary Story" - I remember hearing this for the first time and being shocked by clean vocals.

8. "Moonshield" - First time I heard the band was this song on the "Beauty In Darkness Vol. 1" comp. Blew me away.

7. "The Mirror's Truth" - Just always loved the chorus on this one.

6. "Bullet Ride" - Love the vinyl crisp of the intro and the "Metallica" groove of the thing.

5. "Pinball Map" - I'll never forget seeing the band play this live in 2000.

4. "Dead End" - One of the few In Flames tracks with female vocals.

3. "Take This Life" - Really catchy chorus considering the abrasive tempo.

2. "Colony" - Love the build up intro...really winds up.

1. "Coerced Coexistence" - To this day it still makes me mosh crazy!!

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Hate Eternal Loudness
Mudvayne The Great Deceiver
Carpathian Forest Disturbed
Neck Cradle of Filth
December Dirty Power
Helloween Advent
Lamb of God Liege Lord
Late Nite Romeo Conquest
Brainstorm Ion Vein
Supervillain Shakra
Saint Sevendust
Steel Preacher Nordheim
Sludge! Stryper
Attacker Lacuna Coil
Brides of Destruction Secret Sphere
Doro Mother Misery
Fear Factory Soil
TNA Node
Death Angel Silver Mountain
Drowning Pool Superchrist
Babylon Mystery Orchestra Madison Paige
Skyfire Velvet Revolver
Gary Moore Iron Angel
Brutal Mastication Hatework
Mob Rules Insomnium
Scorpions Black Destiny
Dio Tearabyte
Nashville Pussy Theocracy
Polterchrist Chris Caffery
Internal Bleeding Slowlife
Tartharia Within Temptation
The Lizards Negative Creeps
Trans-Siberian Orchestra Mirror of Deception
The 7 Method Behemoth
Avenue F Tristania
Milkweed Kinetic
The New Breed Lost Soul
Dirt Carina Alfie
Cemetary Kaamos
Oathean Alex Skolnick Trio
Novembers Doom Holy Moses
Kryoburn Kinrick
Thunderblast Neil Turbin
Gizmachi Babylon
Shade Empire Ivory Knight
Defleshed Agents Of Man
Sothis Sentenced
Kult ov Azazel Monolithe
Power Quest Resurrecturis
Painmuseum Redemption
Illuminatus Monster Magnet
Bolt Thrower Sun O)))
Running Wild Even X
Mistress Vile
Infliction Define Divine
Sinocence Torture Killer
Gorefest Motorhead
Vanquished Early Man
Fallen Wisdom Mental Care Foundation
Witchery Degree Absolute
Leviathan/Sapthuran Vreid
Hirax Stormcrow
TK-421 Abysmal Dawn
Dawn of Azazel Cult of Luna
Unsilent Phenomenon Azure
Mouth of the Architect Burialmound
Jeff Walker und Die Fluffers Pump
Anata Belphegor
Myon Oblomov
Thy Majestie Semargl
Teeth of the Hydra Twinball
Venom Obtest
The Showdown Cheva
Demise Deicide
Phazm The Gathering
In This Moment Warbringer
Manticore Old Man's Child
The Prophecy Divine Empire
Depressed Mode Heresi
I Shalt Become Ride The Sky
40 Below Summer Rosetta
Trivium Hacksaw Surgery
Bible Of The Devil The More I See
Son of Eric Battleroar
Crown The Lost Uli Jon Roth