Eric's Top 10 In Flames Songs
10/28/2011 2:14:51 PM by Eric

EC's Top 10 In Flames Songs

10. "Episode 666" - I think this is in everyone's top ten!

9. "Ordinary Story" - I remember hearing this for the first time and being shocked by clean vocals.

8. "Moonshield" - First time I heard the band was this song on the "Beauty In Darkness Vol. 1" comp. Blew me away.

7. "The Mirror's Truth" - Just always loved the chorus on this one.

6. "Bullet Ride" - Love the vinyl crisp of the intro and the "Metallica" groove of the thing.

5. "Pinball Map" - I'll never forget seeing the band play this live in 2000.

4. "Dead End" - One of the few In Flames tracks with female vocals.

3. "Take This Life" - Really catchy chorus considering the abrasive tempo.

2. "Colony" - Love the build up intro...really winds up.

1. "Coerced Coexistence" - To this day it still makes me mosh crazy!!

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Anvil Racer X
Nightwish Steel Prophet
The Great Deceiver Grave
Karaboudjan Poisonblack
Exmortem Grave Digger
Twisted Tower Dire Machine Head
Skullview Majesty
Usurper Iron Maiden
Valley's Eve Cage
Led Zeppelin October 31
Pyn Siren Hammerwhore
Brainstorm Goat Horn
Endless Time Black Sabbath
Shakra Catch 22
Paragon Chainsnap
Kilfast Stryper
Mnemic Drillpoint
Hypocrisy Whitesnake
Edguy Asperity
Royal Anguish Superchrist
Devil To Pay Funerus
Celesty Construcdead
Ebony Ark Messiah's Kiss
Amityville Whore Gamma Ray
Marillion Judas Priest
Spiral Madness Acrid
Joe Lynn Turner Unleashed
Dark Age Nashville Pussy
Otep Annihilator
Valume Nob Marshall Law
Tartharia Mine
Arch Enemy Silent Force
The Last Act Overlorde
Made of Iron Avenue F
Dark Tranquillity Legion
Cradle To Grave Rottweiller
Kamelot Sabaton
Tarot John Sykes
Kaamos Bleed The Sky
Operatika Raintime
Fastkill Grand Magus
Slumber Def Leppard
Nightrage Defleshed
Sentenced Kult ov Azazel
Monolithe Horna
Leaves Eyes Power Quest
Thor Love Forsaken
Sheavy Edenbridge
Nuclear Assault To The Bone
Lake Of Tears Dragonia
Russell Allen Twilight
Algol3 Avenged Sevenfold
Dreamland The Tenth Circle
Gorefest Khold
Machina Early Man
Brother Hawk Craft
Fallen Wisdom Ephel Duath
286 Scum
Viron Elvenking
Cavalar Dreams of Damnation
The Furor Black Crucifixion
Michael Orlando Warface
Ynis Vitrin Jeff Walker und Die Fluffers
Pump Anata
Wastefall Amputated
Sathanas Deicide
Urkraft Phazm
Stonegard Throne of Katarsis
Crescent Shield Merciless Death
Marc Sasso Almah
Mithras Gotthard
Spit Like This Pentacle
Since the Day Warner Drive
Blut Aus Nord Sworn Enemy
Architect Depressed Mode
40 Below Summer Mortiis
Aetherius Obscuritas Trivium
Pop Evil Manilla Road
Kreator Equilibrium
Iron Fire Place Of Skulls
Papa Roach Coffins
My Dying Bride Sotajumala
Crown The Lost