Eric's Top 10 In Flames Songs
10/28/2011 2:14:51 PM by Eric

EC's Top 10 In Flames Songs

10. "Episode 666" - I think this is in everyone's top ten!

9. "Ordinary Story" - I remember hearing this for the first time and being shocked by clean vocals.

8. "Moonshield" - First time I heard the band was this song on the "Beauty In Darkness Vol. 1" comp. Blew me away.

7. "The Mirror's Truth" - Just always loved the chorus on this one.

6. "Bullet Ride" - Love the vinyl crisp of the intro and the "Metallica" groove of the thing.

5. "Pinball Map" - I'll never forget seeing the band play this live in 2000.

4. "Dead End" - One of the few In Flames tracks with female vocals.

3. "Take This Life" - Really catchy chorus considering the abrasive tempo.

2. "Colony" - Love the build up intro...really winds up.

1. "Coerced Coexistence" - To this day it still makes me mosh crazy!!

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