Bach in the Saddle: 15 Minutes with Sebastian Bach
10/25/2011 4:16:38 PM by Kim Thore

As one of the most talented, revered and misaligned rock stars of the late 80's and early 90's Sebastian Bach has somehow managed to remain front and center –from his early days of putting Skid Row forever on the rock and roll map to his turn as a TV star and his headline grabbing escapades along the way, Bach is never without controversy and despite many setbacks, Back has managed to avoid "skid row" and the red hot spotlight of fame always points in his direction. Of course when you have Norse God good looks, a vocal range that is as broad as it is long, and chameleon talent it's no surprise that Sebastian Bach continues to land on his feet time and time again. This go around, the fourth time is the charm –with his release of "Kicking and Screaming", Bach is in top form and over the top, and the view is looking good.

We recently had a chance to grab a few minutes with Bach. Surprisingly candid and down to earth, Bach put all monkey business aside and shared his thoughts on his career, life and even love...

[Interview Link]

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