New Road Report: Vreid, Kampfar, Necronomicon in Chicago
9/29/2011 3:52:11 PM by Frank

In Chicago, Autumn is coming. The once-broiling nights are now edging into chill; the microbrews are closing out their Hefeweizens and Kölschs; and the urban fashionistas will soon trade in sporty leggings for six months of sweaters. For some, this is a dour time indeed, heralding the onset of winter and its hellish winds and ice. But for metalheads the fall is a blessing, as it is the finest of all seasons for Europeans to come calling on their Stateside fans. 2011 is set to be a triumph, with such groups as Opeth, Katatonia, Enslaved, and Alcest coming through—and those just comprising two shows.

This year, the Autumnal rites began in the final week of August, with kickoff honors going to Vreid and Kampfar, two Norwegian artists that have amassed considerable respect over the past decade among metal fans in the know, if not exactly Billboard-charting sales. Scheduled for Reggie's Rock Club, Chicago's new metal headquarters, this show was going to be intimate from the start. Perhaps a little too intimate, as it turned out, but in any case a worthy and distinctive harbinger of the fall concert season...

Link: Full Road Report

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