Rockstar Energy Mayhem Tour: Road Report and Gallery Pics of Megadeth and In Flames
9/1/2011 1:03:34 PM by Eric

"The Rockstar Mayhem tour rolled into town about 5 hours north of my home so I ran up the road to check it out. The tour line-up this year was a bit weak with headlining left to Disturbed and Godsmack. To complicate things further In Flames and Machine Head didn't even get the mainstage and was forced into a shorter setlist than years past. Regardless I was making the trek north and had plans to mosh it up on a Saturday afternoon..."

Link: Full Road Report

Link: Galleries of Megadeth and In Flames

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Cathedral Cave In
Into Eternity Lost Horizon
Slipknot Big Dumb Face
BloodDuster Anthrax
Stratovarius Skullview
Gun Barrel Seven Witches
Warhorse Godflesh
Dark Moor Sickspeed
Power of Omens Johnny Lokke
Ion Vein Shakra
Saint Dragonforce
Artension Morbid Angel
Runemagick Victory
Savatage Thunderstone
Halloween Hypocrisy
Fraise Fairyland
Black Stone Cherry Scala Mercalli
UFO Leash Law
Cans Messiah's Kiss
Deep Purple Bleeding Inc
Edge Of Forever Gamma Ray
Metalium Gary Moore
Iron Angel Ministry
Destructor Devil In The Kitchen
Scorpions Lilitu
Metal Church Rhapsody of Fire
Occult Division
Annihilator Scavenger
Within Temptation Negative Creeps
Avenue F John Oliva's Pain
Helgrind Kings X
Requiem Aeternam Sabaton
Shatterpoint Soulscar
Chuck Schuldiner the missing:
Antares Meshuggah
Chastain Fire Alley
Thunderblast Ignitor
Defleshed Raging Speedhorn
Naglfar Brand New Sin
Subterranean Masquerade Monolithe
Gemini 5 Leaves Eyes
Alice Cooper Resurrecturis
The Scourger Octavia Sperati
Future is Tomorrow Mercyful Fate
Orphaned Land Dragonia
Violent Storm Twilight
Algol3 Running Wild
Ewigkeit Vinterriket
Phantom X Spellbound
Cryogen Asrai
Chain Collector Zero Down
Dogs Of Winter Torture Killer
Absolution Beecher
Decapitated End of Level Boss
Enforsaken Nobody's Fool
Thryfing Southern Black Sand
Naked Beggars Ephel Duath
Daylight Dies Scum
Dissection Clawfinger
Manngard Ampast
Bludgeon Non-Human Level
Cult of Luna Unsilent Phenomenon
Dendura Warface
Burialmound The Ruins of Beverast
Wastefall Lordi
Audrey Horne Cheva
Skullflower Stonegard
Threat Signal Terry Sullivan
Lord Belial Old Man's Child
Incrave Marc Sasso
White Willow Pentacle
Nominon Malevolent Creation
David Galas Cauldron
Pathology Averse Sefira
Rosetta Deceiver
Demonic Symphony Jesus Martyr
Aetherius Obscuritas Embalming Theatre
Hacksaw Surgery Place Of Skulls
Faded Hope Wolfgate
Something Beautiful DC4
Uli Jon Roth