Rockstar Energy Mayhem Tour: Road Report and Gallery Pics of Megadeth and In Flames
9/1/2011 1:03:34 PM by Eric

"The Rockstar Mayhem tour rolled into town about 5 hours north of my home so I ran up the road to check it out. The tour line-up this year was a bit weak with headlining left to Disturbed and Godsmack. To complicate things further In Flames and Machine Head didn't even get the mainstage and was forced into a shorter setlist than years past. Regardless I was making the trek north and had plans to mosh it up on a Saturday afternoon..."

Link: Full Road Report

Link: Galleries of Megadeth and In Flames

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Into Eternity Lost Horizon
Racer X Loudness
Scanner Vehemence
Chaingunn BloodDuster
Karaboudjan Misery Index
Poisonblack Disturbed
Regurgitate Impellitteri
Cradle of Filth December
Kataklysm Commit Suicide
Kalibas Queensryche
Circle II Circle Mark Boals
Widowmaker Metallica
Power of Omens Johnny Lokke
Pyn Siren H.I.M.
Evolution Beautiful Creatures
Guardians Of Time Axenstar
Savatage Tad Morose
Silent Scythe Drillpoint
Murdercycle Project: Failing Flesh
F5 Soil
Black Stone Cherry Silver Mountain
Cryonic Temple Gothic Knights
Funerus Riot
Jaw Acrid
Krokus Meliah Rage
Killswitch Engage Rhapsody of Fire
Katagory V Dark Ruin
Mine Haunted By Angels
Silent Force Acheron
Blind Guardian Tsjuder
Angra Creed
Motley Crue Ligeia
The Mighty Nimbus Entombed
Belef Hellfueled
Vicious Circle Heartcry
Mystic Prophecy Crimson Moonlight
Omegalord Lord Gore
Axel Rudi Pell Kinrick
Gizmachi Babylon
Pro-Pain Def Leppard
Hatesphere Blind Stare
Astarte Python
Naglfar Slough Feg
Testament Nuse
The Father Panic Riot Orchestra Thor
Wetwork Redemption
Pagan's Mind Dragonia
Evergrey Violent Storm
Blood Thirsty Demons Algol3
Infliction Wolfmother
Asrai Zero Down
The Tenth Circle Khold
Motorhead Vanquished
Absu End My Sorrow
Thryfing Southern Black Sand
Intronaut Nikki Puppet
Wolves in the Throne Room Nightmare
Vore Manngard
The Smackdown Elvenking
Vreid Cavalar
Ynis Vitrin Woodtemple
Skyforger Battle Bratt
Thy Majestie Isis
Darkness Eternal Kotipelto
Twisted Into Form Melechesh
Battered Terry Sullivan
Throne of Katarsis Dream Theater
Manticore Old Man's Child
Cruachan Marc Sasso
Trouble Pantera
The Prophecy Divine Empire
Katrina Johansson Nominon
Antigama Trenchfoot
Blut Aus Nord Kruger
Randy Ellefson Echoes of Eternity
Spheric Universe Experience Pop Evil
Last Stone Cast Armory
Kreator Uriah Heep
Mar De Grises The More I See
Kiuas Place Of Skulls
Faded Hope Raven
Giant Squid Suspyre