Swords, Axes and Breasts?
8/25/2011 11:45:27 AM by Eric

What's better than heavy metal? Try half naked chicks holding really heavy metal things.

Check out Finland's talented digital artist Toxic Angel (www.toxicangel.com). His fantasy artwork has graced album covers from Children Of Bodom to Axenstar. His site has a couple galleries of art to browse and if you are in the market for some media decor certainly give him a shout for design and purchases.

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Lost Horizon Scanner
Vehemence Perzonal War
Goatwhore Symphorce
Seven Witches Celestial Ode
Circle II Circle Usurper
Godflesh God Dethroned
October 31 Conquest
The Chainsaw Paragon
Sevendust Curriculum Mortis
Runemagick Victory
King Diamond Dream Weaver
Malstrom Rob Rock
Sinergy Stryper
Eidolon Mnemic
Vhaldemar Silent Scythe
Edguy Fraise
Lacuna Coil Out of the Lair
Dew Scented Hard Echo
Tesla Riot
Jag Panzer UFO
Deep Purple Kingcrow
Outworld Skyfire
Ministry House of Lords
Krokus Potential Threat SF
Occult Unearth
Valume Nob Chris Caffery
Jamie. St. James Tartharia
Mine Haunted By Angels
Within Temptation Silent Force
Dark Tranquillity Sonata Arctica
John Oliva's Pain Kinetic
Crowbar Emerald Sun
Belef Quiet Riot
Hibria Mechanical Poet
the missing: Cemetary
Antares Oathean
Derek Sherinian Pure Inc
Axis Of Perdition Strapping Young Lad
Fastkill Slumber
Def Leppard Astarte
Agents Of Man God Among Insects
Circus Maximus Taake
Nuse Cannon
Resurrecturis Pagan's Mind
Monster Magnet Penetrator
ASG Bolt Thrower
Sun O))) Ignarus
Casus Belli Algol3
Ghost Machinery Balatonizer
Doomfoxx Urizen
Skullshifter The Classic Struggle
The Tenth Circle Khold
Virgin Steele Sepultura
Beyond Fear Wolves in the Throne Room
Nightmare Hell-Born
Dissection Boris
Clawfinger Cryptopsy
The Ocean Ampast
Bal-Sagoth Candlemass
Hirax Non-Human Level
Black Crucifixion Upon Infliction
Fragments of Unbecoming Gorgoroth
Jotunspor Suzukiton
Vengeance Bloodbound
Destruction Swashbuckle
Hurt Anata
The Finals Oblomov
Sathanas Escape The Fate
Quest of Aidance Blood Tsunami
Fu Manchu Diagnose: Lebensgefahr
Static-X Madking Ludwig
Incrave Marc Sasso
Satariel Five Finger Death Punch
Mithras Blut Aus Nord
Malevolent Creation Ulcerate
Randy Ellefson Temple Of Blood
Keldian Mass Extinction
Manilla Road Kreator
The Lamp of Thoth Uriah Heep
Luna Mortis Winterfylleth
Battleroar Caliban
Raven Giant Squid
Suspyre Sister Sin