Swords, Axes and Breasts?
8/25/2011 11:45:27 AM by Eric

What's better than heavy metal? Try half naked chicks holding really heavy metal things.

Check out Finland's talented digital artist Toxic Angel (www.toxicangel.com). His fantasy artwork has graced album covers from Children Of Bodom to Axenstar. His site has a couple galleries of art to browse and if you are in the market for some media decor certainly give him a shout for design and purchases.

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Demons and Wizards Hate Eternal
LA Guns Karaboudjan
Impellitteri Cradle of Filth
December Twisted Tower Dire
Rawhead Rexx Lamb of God
Manowar Led Zeppelin
Pelican H.I.M.
The Chainsaw Agony Divine
Supervillain Fireball Ministry
Curriculum Mortis Kilfast
Steel Preacher Eidolon
Mnemic Silent Scythe
Whitesnake Wicked Sensation
Probot Out of the Lair
Iron Savior Soul Reaper
Hard Echo Mother Misery
F5 Volbeat
Node Yngwie Malmsteen
Killik Superchrist
Riot Evanescence
Bang The Union Cans
Bleeding Inc Kingcrow
Outworld Amityville Whore
Gamma Ray Nova Lex
Low Earth Orbit Cyst
Brutal Mastication Estuary
Dimmu Borgir Skeletonwitch
Lilitu Images of Eden
Occult Lullacry
Unearth Theocracy
Eternal Flight Scavenger
Conquestador Blind Guardian
Made of Iron Anger
Angra Creed
Mercenary Kings X
Lost Soul Corrosion Of Conformity
Dirt Mechanical Poet
Suidakra Chuck Schuldiner
Mystic Prophecy Kaamos
Marduk Freedom Call
Omegalord Bruce Dickinson
Kryoburn Ignitor
Impiety Slumber
Green Carnation Python
Vicious Art Maximum Overdrive
Taake Prowler Inc.
Killing Spree Frameless Scar
Nightvision Thor
Clutch Warchild
Octavia Sperati To The Bone
Future is Tomorrow The Atomic Bitchwax
Illuminatus Crystal Fate
Penetrator Winterfell
Sun O))) Forever Slave
Mabon Ewigkeit
Balatonizer Crystal Ball
Vile Sinocence
Gorefest Motorhead
Nocturnal Rites Sodom
Across Tundras Lair Of The Minotaur
286 Steep
Boris The Ocean
The Smashup Vreid
Candlemass Dream Or Nightmare
The Furor Vengeance
Wednesday 13 Zero Hour
Setherial Eyes of Ligeia
Lupara Lordi
Demise Quest of Aidance
Warmachine Blood Tsunami
The Gathering Fu Manchu
Omnium Gatherum Static-X
Merciless Death Dezperadoz
Incrave Trouble
Blut Aus Nord Malevolent Creation
Ulcerate Nation Beyond
Sworn Enemy Averse Sefira
Burzum Celestia
Uriah Heep Kiuas
End of Man Cursed
Eighteen Wheels Burning Crown The Lost