Questions with Adler's Appetite and Former Guns 'N Roses Drummer Steven Adler
8/19/2011 3:29:42 PM by Frank

"I spent decades in a big beautiful house living in the bathroom. And, it's not like anybody was in there; I didn't have to stay in the bathroom. But for some reason when you do cocaine and heroin you want to live in your bathroom."

MM: You were in one of the most influential and successful rock bands of all time…What would you say was one of the most important lessons you learned from being in GnR?

SA: Oh, well, just not to waste my life anymore. You know I thought at first, being drunk was fun, but being young, I didn't appreciate it…I mean I appreciated it; 'cause I can't say I didn't cause I did…but, I got lost by the drugs and all the excitement. You know, if I can tell anybody; it's obvious, don't do drugs, it will waste your time. And, I'm thankful that I have, 20 years later, I have another opportunity to record music and I put together a great rock and roll band, a group of guys that I'm so proud of being a part of. And it took it, it took 20 years. I wish I didn't waste my time like that.

MM: Speaking of Adler's Appetite you have had a fair share of lineup changes and successes and the band has weathered those changes, tell our readers what it has been like for you?

SA: Well, Chip, Michael Thomas and myself…we've been together for months…we've been doing this for the last seven, eight years so--we've had problems with other guitar players and singers which any musician or any person will know whose ever, ya know, was into rock and roll. Finding a vocalist is the hardest thing in the whole freakin world. So, coming into my life at such a young age was like a miracle, okay? That is the same equivalent for Eddie Van Halen, or Robert Plant or Steven Tyler coming into your life at the age when you're a teenager. And, also finding a person that could tour, that could live on a tour bus with a group of guys and all get along tour in rock and roll you have to be a special person, you have to be built for this. You think it is easy to do a one night stand, try doing it in a rock and roll band.

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