Metal in the Night! New Interview with Niklas Stålvind of Wolf
7/15/2011 2:07:33 PM by David L

GG: Wolf has always been able to stay true to the "80's" metal sound, yet with each album, you're able to blend in the up-to-date metal sound flawlessly. What is your secret to this writing success?

Niklas: We write the music we would like to listen to ourselves. We never wanted to go back to the 80s in a time machine and try and create that sound. When we record an album, we just want it to sound good, that's all.

GG: There are many new bands (such as Cauldron and Enforcer - to name a few) that also have that 80's metal vibe and an ever-growing fan bases. What do you think is contributing to the success of this type of metal now (in the year 2011)?

Niklas: I have no idea, other than it's timeless music, if it's good. "Hallowed be thy Name" or "Don't Break the Oath" will always be good songs, no matter what trends are popular for the moment.

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