Rock on Broadway: A Road Review of the 80s-Themed Play "Rock Of Ages"
7/7/2011 9:36:28 AM by Frank

My first trip to the Big Apple left a vibrant view of the 80s in my rearview. Spandex, bandanas and big hair set the scene at the Helen Hayes Theatre on West 44th with the fifth year of "Rock Of Ages". The electrifying Broadway play has been on tour both domestically and exported through Canada, London and even Australia. Generations of rock fans have adored the script and musical numbers which have led to the writers giving a serious nod to a big screen release in 2012. Maximum Metal and your favorite hair metal journalist was on the scene for this 80s rock extravaganza.

This was my first foray into the world of Broadway. Gone were the suits and ties and odd decor...replaced with bras, booze and loud music that only a true rat-tailed, trailer park boy would know and love. The Helen Hayes Theatre was completely packed with hard rock memorabilia and rows of hair metal fans that go back three generations. It was completely awe inspiring for me to walk in and see framed photography from Mark Weiss adorning the legendary walls. I saw vintage photos of Dokken on the "Breaking The Chains" tour, Motley Crue off the plane (but not off the wagon) and Skid Row's prime time alley shot. In the fold were classic photos of Ozzy (in the tub and in the bubbly), GNR and Van Halen. Beyond the vintage photography the theatre was slathered in good times. How about a huge marquee announcing Shark Island live at The Whiskey. How about huge neon professing the Roxx? I saw a promo for Dokken/Twisted Sister at the Civic Arena and Y&T in Oakland. "Stay Hungry" was proudly presented in frame along with big band photos of Lita Ford and Europe. Oddly Depeche Mode made an appearance but I'm convinced someone was off the clock on that stapler. Mixed into the hard rock reality of life in the 80s was a huge banner professing that fictitious band Arsenal had a new record out. Who the Hell is Arsenal? "Rock Of Ages" would answer that soon enough.

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