Saxon: "Call To Arms" - Track by Track
6/28/2011 5:35:57 PM by Frank

The wheels of steel roll on with our coverage focusing on Saxon this week. Call To Arms was released this month in Europe and who better to review the album than Biff Byford himself?

Check out this video courtesy of www.saxon747.com for a track by track guide:

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HammerFall The Kovenant
White Skull Carpathian Forest
Solemnity Regurgitate
Anthrax Twelfth Gate
Cradle of Filth December
Ring of Fire Godflesh
Iron Maiden Liege Lord
Wizard Late Nite Romeo
Led Zeppelin Johnny Lokke
The Chainsaw Agony Divine
Bloodbath Thunderbolt
The Graveyard Boulevard Nordheim
Mnemic Primal Fear
Fraise Iron Savior
Killik Jaw
Evanescence Bleeding Inc
Wolf Gamma Ray
Highlord U.D.O.
Iron Angel Hatework
Dimmu Borgir Feinstein
Fabrizio Bonanno Mob Rules
Ungodly Unleashed
Meliah Rage After Forever
Final Dawn Potential Threat SF
Medusa House of Shakira
Tartharia Six Feet Under
Haunted By Angels Made of Iron
Avenue F Rush
Motley Crue Helgrind
The Mighty Nimbus Lost Soul
Impaled Veni Domine
Maze Of Torment Dirt
Hibria Tarot
Desire Black Ravensthorn
the missing: Crimson Moonlight
Kaamos Bleed The Sky
Drunkard Axel Rudi Pell
System Of A Down Ramesses
Callenish Circle Sinisthra
Fastkill Burden Of Grief
Throes of Dawn Slumber
Hatesphere Raging Speedhorn
Maximum Overdrive Testament
Secrets She Kept Ritual Killer
Dam Power Quest
Love Forsaken Iron Maidens
A Lower Deep The Scourger
Redemption V:28
The Atomic Bitchwax Armored Saint
Ignarus Barcode
Third Degree Avenged Sevenfold
Ewigkeit Balatonizer
Dechrist Infliction
Avulsed Mastermind
The Tenth Circle Beecher
Craft End My Sorrow
Southern Black Sand Scum
Dissection Vore
Manngard Athanator
Candlemass Dream Or Nightmare
Nicodemus Hate Profile
Upon Infliction Royal Hunt
Before Silence Vengeance
Space Odyssey War Within
Paul Bonrud Amon Amarth
Abominant Setherial
Audrey Horne Lecherous Nocturne
The Gathering Southern Gentleman
Incrave White Willow
Satariel Trouble
Pantera Divine Empire
Since the Day Manes
Aborted Transmission 0
Lipstick Magazine Nation Beyond
Himsa Echoes of Eternity
Keldian Averse Sefira
40 Below Summer Rosetta
Pop Evil Burzum
Virgin Black Iron Fire
Wolfgate My Dying Bride
Crown The Lost Caliban
Uli Jon Roth Earthen Grave