The New Big 4: The Best Young Thrash Bands!
6/3/2011 2:29:01 PM by Frank

The Big 4 Tour Metal Fest with Metallica, Megadeth, Slayer and Anthrax has been a dream come true for thousands of old-school thrash fans. Those bands have been in the business for almost 30 years, so I asked some of our staff writers who they think are the best young thrash bands out there today. Here's the top bands chosen:

Angelus Apatrida
Spain's Angelus Apatrida greet the metal contingents with a blasting third endeavor that rivals the latest and greatest of thrash concepts. Amazing production values and standards are in place to back what amounts to be the best Bay Area thrash album to be released outside of America. This talented act lay down smokin' Testament and Death Angel vibes while keeping it fresh with different arrangements and a full arsenal of dynamic grooves. Vocals are spaced out and remain vivid and intelligible throughout. Hottest of the hot and one of the leaders of this new wave. --EC

The last few years have sparked thousands of Thrash bands all trying to claim the throne. It can be tough to stick out. Like many others Havok may not bring much to the table that's original but it does a solid job of keeping the pulse of this genre alive. Through smooth production, machine gun riffs and blistering drum work. Like on the breathless opener Prepare For Attack, Scumbag In Disguise, Covering Fire and Cleric. --Chris Kincaid

Lazarus A.D.
The seeds of Metal greatness were planted on 2009's "The Onslaught" and continue to show promise on "Black Rivers Flow". It's still a hard hitting trip to riff city but with a few tweaks that have tightened their axe grinding assault. More groove is dished out for a crossover/mainstream appeal it doesn't come at the expense of watering down their sound. It still gets the seal of headbanging approval. --Chris Kincaid

Taking a cue straight from early era Slayer, Warbringer comes guns blazin' right out of the gates. The vocals are reminiscent of Reign in Blood Slayer and Fabulous Disaster Exodus. The guitars are a well balanced mix of melody and speed, with some technical work thrown in to melt your face down to a bubbling mess. The drums and bass bring up the back end and fatten up the track. Trust me, I blew a few speakers blasting this one. --Greg

Honorable Mention: Blood Tsunami, Municipal Waste

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Cave In LA Guns
Mudvayne The Haunted
Grave Carpathian Forest
Misery Index Dokken
Disturbed Solemnity
Twisted Tower Dire Dirty Power
Godsmack Queensryche
Ring of Fire Steel Attack
Advent Lamb of God
Firewind October 31
Conquest Brainstorm
Nicta Iced Earth
Dragonforce Lanfear
Evanesce Duke
Savatage Pharaoh
Whitesnake Krisiun
DevilDriver Iron Savior
Dew Scented Node
Shiva Black Stone Cherry
Riot Madison Paige
Bleeding Inc Icon And The Black Roses
Disarmonia Mundi Donnerkopf
Metalium Velvet Revolver
Jorn Gary Moore
Cyst De Lirium's Order
Feinstein Acrid
Therion Chapter VIII
Skeletonwitch After Forever
Occult Tearabyte
Theocracy Z02
Polterchrist Slowlife
Six Feet Under Silent Force
The Lizards Agnostic Front
Tristania Triumph
Mercenary Legion
Paradise Lost Crowbar
Scenteria Emerald Sun
The New Breed Lost Soul
Belef Veni Domine
Carbomb Ravensthorn
Crimson Moonlight Chaoswave
God Fear None Derek Sherinian
Frantic Bleep Drunkard
Holy Moses Kryoburn
Operatika Thunderblast
Ignitor Ramesses
Naglfar Amorphis
Ektomorf Goddess Of Desire
Unchained Taake
Nuse Prowler Inc.
Supagroup Gemini 5
Ritual Killer Gaia
Alice Cooper The Scourger
Lake Of Tears Redemption
Russell Allen ASG
Overloaded Mabon
Running Wild Savage Circus
Thrones Spellbound
Gojira Asrai
Dismember From This Day
Cardinale Blackmore's Night
Upwards of Endtime Thyrane
Cryptopsy Silver Dirt
Ampast Elvenking
The Sword Bludgeon
Abysmal Dawn Gorgoroth
Unsilent Phenomenon Time Requiem
Burialmound Belphegor
Enochian Crescent Eyes of Ligeia
Venom E-lane
Winger Steve Cone
Centinex Lost Eden
Terry Sullivan Mindgrinder
Trouble Textures
Denial Fiend Retrospective
Throneum Nation Beyond
Faith And Fire Depressed Mode
Ensiferum Night Ranger
Distorted Gutted With Broken Glass
Ost Est Ima Straight Line Stitch
Burzum Hacksaw Surgery
Godhead Virgin Black
The More I See Sin
Eighteen Wheels Burning Mustasch
Uli Jon Roth