Eric's Top Five Currently Ignored Bands
5/31/2011 1:16:34 PM by Frank

Ignored by metal peers, journalists, and to a degree the fans due to trends, record labels or the fact that they may be deemed "teeny bop metal".

* Aiden
* Bullet For My Valentine
* The Showdown
* Maylene and The Sons of Disaster
* Mustasch

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HammerFall Racer X
Mudvayne Nightwish
The Great Deceiver The Haunted
Grave Misery Index
Perzonal War Seether
Nazareth Advent
Rawhead Rexx Cage
Hammerwhore Circle of Nero
Goat Horn SelfInflicted
Paragon Biomechanical
Dragonforce Artension
Malstrom Rob Rock
Axenstar Duke
Mnemic Vhaldemar
Halloween Pink Cream 69
Neverland F5
I Hate Sally Black Stone Cherry
Superchrist Jaw
Epica David Shankle Group
Jorn Iron Angel
Black Zodiac Dimmu Borgir
Acrid Devil In The Kitchen
Insomnium Unleashed
Lilitu Black Destiny
Metal Church Saxon
Psychotron Wintersun
Potential Threat SF Dark Age
Unearth Katagory V
Neurosis Tartharia
Witchburner The Project Hate
Incantation Negative Creeps
Trans-Siberian Orchestra Mirror of Deception
Seventh One Angra
Rush Tristania
Feared Creation Code Black
Cradle To Grave Emerald Sun
Helgrind The Mighty Nimbus
Blood Red Throne Angtoria
Cemetary Pure Inc
Bleed The Sky Drunkard
Magica Debris Inc.
Holy Moses Kryoburn
Kinrick Neil Turbin
Ramesses Fastkill
Throes of Dawn Biss
Embraze Blind Stare
Rudra Graveworm
Unchained Supagroup
The Father Panic Riot Orchestra Morgana Lefay
Iron Maidens To The Bone
Loits Eternal Reign
Monster Magnet Evergrey
Ignarus Forever Slave
The Firstborn Third Degree
Paths Of Possession Even X
Gojira Asrai
Khold Virgin Steele
Dismember Nocturnal Rites
Craft Witchery
Cardinale Intronaut
Ephel Duath 286
Beyond Fear Moonspell
Manngard Elvenking
Dreams of Damnation Stormcrow
Apiary Sahg
Fleshgore Burialmound
Mastodon Eighteen Visions
Quest of Aidance Twisted Into Form
Lost Eden Southern Gentleman
Battered Mindgrinder
Crescent Shield Grenouer
Incrave Almah
Gotthard Hacride
Pentacle Nominon
Kruger JR Ewing
Funeral Sworn Enemy
Architect Hellveto
Keldian Frosthardr
Spheric Universe Experience Mass Extinction
Shining Star The Obsessed
Jesus Martyr Aetherius Obscuritas
Puscifer Virgin Black
Iron Fire Cursed
Something Beautiful Crown The Lost
Caliban Earthen Grave