Exclusive MM Interview with Elvenking!
4/29/2011 5:08:40 PM by Frank

MM: As a band you guys have never released the same album twice; this is definitely true of "Red Silent Tides," which takes a little bit of influence from most of your other albums here and there, but essentially is a very unique and fresh record for Elvenking. What inspired your change in direction away from "The Scythe," which had a darker, extreme metal influence?

Ayden: Yes, this is one of the main goals of this band. Trying to release something that every time may sound fresh to our ears, without copying anything from outside and trying not to copy from ourselves, still remaining faithful to EK sound. If you listen through our whole discography you see how "Wyrd" was different from "Heathenreel", "The winter wake" was different from "Wyrd", and so on, till today. And we do this because we need it for ourselves, as musicians, songwriters, producers, etc. Maybe it is not the cleverest thing to do for a band, but we are not able to sit down around a table telling "Ok fans are asking for this, let's do it", "Critics aim for another album similar to that one, let's write songs in that vein..." and so on. We really cannot do this.

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