Godslave - Slaves To The Old
4/8/2011 11:43:32 AM by Eric

With the big three of Sodom, Kreator and Destruction the German heavy metal scene of the 80s was as rampant as San Fran's Bay Area. The scene was dominant through the 80s and early 90s and eventually catching fire again in the '00s with newer bands breaking out the retro old school nod. One of these new groups is newcomer Godslave.

The German band started in 2008 and have released their second full length album via the label SAOL. "Into The Black" is a raging vintage affair that fully embraces Sodom's drunken delivery with a sense of Tankard and Assassin. After almost thirty years of thrash riffs how does a new band produce something valid and refreshing? Bernie told Maximum Metal: "It's not very hard because we don't care about what others think. We're just letting out what is already in ourselves. So we're not setting ourselves any boundaries and we just want to give our best. That's all you can do anyway. We don't want to create something new in particular, we just want to create something that we love and we can be proud of and we achieved this with the new record. We are damn proud of it and when people like it too and appreciate our work that is awesome and that makes us even more proud".

The band recruit some thrash assistance for the new album. Mike Sifringer of Destruction and Benedikt Zimniak of Mekong Delta both guest with some solo work and Gerrit P. Mutz of Sacred Steel provides his signature vocals on the title track.

The band will play the upcoming fests Feuerfanger and the Metallergrillen as well as working on tour for the Fall. Booking inquiries can be sent to ronny@cmm-marketing.com.


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