Metal Styles Charted Against Listener Reaction
4/1/2011 3:25:13 PM by Frank

Every now and then, some of my non-metal friends ask me what I'm listening to. Here's an ascending chart of how the music style influenced the listeners' reactions. It's fairly predictable, but Glam wins out as the friendliest where Black and Death tie for the most displeasing reactions. Let it be your Maximum Metal guide to attracting or repulsing your visitors.

Typical Bands Played
Glam - Poison
Hard Rock - AC\DC
Progressive - Rush
NWOBHM - Iron Maiden
Power - Helloween
Nu - Korn
Industrial - Ministry
Doom - Black Sabbath
Gothic - Therion
NWOAHM - Killswitch Engage
Thrash - Overkill
Metalcore - Hatebreed
Black - Emperor
Death - Cannibal Corpse

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Bathory HammerFall
LA Guns Leng Tch'e
Big Dumb Face Mondo Generator
Perzonal War Regurgitate
Machine Head Ring of Fire
Lamb of God Ravage
Masterplan Firewind
Metallica Powergod
Valley's Eve H.I.M.
Evolution Agony Divine
Black Sabbath Catch 22
SelfInflicted Paragon
Fireball Ministry Morbid Angel
Evanesce Dream Weaver
Sludge! Eidolon
Mnemic Drillpoint
Edguy Asperity
Deivos Iron Savior
Dew Scented F5
Force Of Evil Black Stone Cherry
Scala Mercalli Jag Panzer
downBleed Bleeding Inc
Gamma Ray Velvet Revolver
U.D.O. Gary Moore
Iron Angel House of Lords
Devil In The Kitchen Scorpions
Dream Evil Killswitch Engage
Dio Beaten Back To Pure
Medusa Annihilator
Age Of Silence GWAR
Conquestador Witchburner
Made of Iron Behemoth
Legion Cradle To Grave
Ligeia The Mighty Nimbus
Entombed Heartcry
Mechanical Poet Soulscar
Backyard Babies Kaamos
Marduk Oathean
Omegalord Kinrick
Defleshed Brand New Sin
Ektomorf Slough Feg
Taake Nuse
Monolithe Sheavy
Flotsam & Jetsam Loits
The Atomic Bitchwax Russell Allen
Overloaded Akercocke
Infliction The Classic Struggle
Torture Killer Khold
Dismember Hate
Absolution Early Man
Thryfing Across Tundras
Naked Beggars Katatonia
Cardinale Blackmore's Night
Ephel Duath Boris
Cryptopsy Degree Absolute
Bal-Sagoth Down Factor
Hirax The Sword
Stormcrow The Strongest Proof
Apiary Cult of Luna
Unsilent Phenomenon Smohalla
Dendura Zero Hour
Death Breath Setherial
Biolich Lordi
E-lane Winger
Middian Quest of Aidance
Steve Cone Urkraft
Centinex Phazm
Melechesh Threat Signal
Madking Ludwig Zyklon
Divine Empire Manes
Aborted Retrospective
Wuthering Heights Lipstick Magazine
Throneum Hearse
Depressed Mode Cauldron
Distorted Pathology
I Shalt Become Ost Est Ima
Blood Haven Armory
Godhead The Lamp of Thoth
Iron Fire Place Of Skulls
Cursed Papa Roach
Crown The Lost Earthen Grave