Where Are You? Column Update: Leather Leone
3/16/2011 10:06:17 AM by Frank

After recording six internationally released CDs in the late 80's/90's with metal band Chastain and releasing a solo record, one of the great female voices in metal, Leather Leone, disappeared from the metal scene. Our staffer EC has been wondering where she was since he wrote a Where Are You? column in 2004. Rumors had the metal goddess working somewhere as a veterinarian assistant.

She has now shown up again with Sledge Leather Project. Leather re-teamed up with Sandy Sledge, her drummer and collaborator from the 80s metal band Rude Girl to do a tribute to their friend and mentor Dio. Their new band, Sledge Leather Project, was immediately booked to play the Keep It True Festival in Germany without ever having played a live show, based on her feverish fans and the one demo tribute recording of Dio's song "Egypt".

Hopefully, we'll have more contact from SLP at Maximum Metal in the coming weeks. For now, consider the Leather Where Are You column marked...FOUND.

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