Traditional Metal Just Isn't Scary Anymore...
3/2/2011 12:05:29 PM by Frank

It really says something about peoples' tolerance levels over time that 30 years ago bands like Judas Priest, Iron Maiden, Dio and other traditional metal bands had an aura of fantasy/occult/evil about them that was an alternative to the mainstream. Now--not so much.

I suppose those bands have been around so long they've become about as scary as Freddy Krueger in a "Got Milk?" commercial. I'm old enough to be unconcerned and unprotective when the great Priest song "The Hellion" is being used in a cheesy Honda Odyssey minivan commercial and Miley Cyrus is running around with an Iron Maiden shirt on. I'm not even bothered by Ozzy selling phone plans and I can see James Hetfield doing a shaving commercial someday. Corporate people are on the same planet as the rest of us, but the really heavy, underground metal genres probably won't be co-opted and commodified as much.

Anyway, here's the Watville Primary School having fun performing Iron Maiden's Flight Of Icarus:

And there's even a nice charity tied in--Cash for Kids

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