Swedish Melodic Death by way of...Portugal?
2/18/2011 3:10:27 PM by Eric

That's right! The Ransack have just released their third studio album to date with Bloodlines courtesy of Raging Planet. The album is a stiff armed approach to aggressive twin guitar harmony and one can only think of great albums like The Jester Race (In Flames) and Terminal Spirit Disease (At The Gates) when hearing the band's newest endeavor. Maximum Metal's EC had an opportunity to talk with Shore, the lead guitarist and vocalist for The Ransack about the new record.

"Azrael and Vortex were our first and second albums. We were exploring a more conservative death metal sound as well as still learning how to mix our different influences and musical experiences. We feel that in 'Bloodline' we mastered that and brought to light a more modern and groovy melodic death without compromising the bands real essence" stated Shore.

Though the album has only been released in Portugal The Ransack have had really enthusiastic receptions. "The live shows have been amazinlgy successful and the new songs and the sales of the album have really been a nice surprise. We now have to wait for the disc to be released in the rest of Europe to have a better overview about it." says Shore.

When asked about the band's obvious influences from Sweden's melodic death metal scene he explains "Yeah!!! You got it right! We are huge fans of all the Swedish death metal "big bands". We had the honor of playing a mini tour with Dismember and that made us dig even more into the Swedish death school. From the Hypocrisy feeling, to the At The Gates groove, passing by In Flames, Soilwork and the other huge melodic bands...we have a special interest from this sound. There are also quite good bands emerging from the US and playing really fresh and cool music. I think Bloodline is an excellent cocktail with all these ingredients."

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