The Top 5 Producers in Heavy Metal
2/9/2011 1:41:26 PM by Eric

In the busy metal community, innovation is often hard to come by. With so many acts looking to "reimagine" the 70s and 80s it becomes increasingly difficult to sort one from the other. In the past month, I have heard twenty thrash bands that could be the next Exodus or Overkill and have borrowed enough riffs to claim the throne. How do we sort one from the other?  Often it comes down to production values and the importance of modern technology.  If you have the cash and label support then my Top 5 Producers could set you apart from the pack:

1. Tue Madsen - Antfarm Studios.  Bands: Moonspell, The Haunted, Ektomorf, Dark Tranquility, Mnemic

2. Andy Sneap - Backstage Studios.  Bands: Accept, Exodus, Megadeath, Nevermore, Arch Enemy, Machine Head, Masterplan

3. Jacob Hansen - Hansen Studios.  Bands: Communic, Volbeat, Mercenary, Pyramaze, Tyr

4. Fredrick Nordstrom - Studio Fredman.  Bands: In Flames, At the Gates, Hammerfall, Opeth, Soilwork, Dream Evil

5. Peter Tagtgren - The Abyss.  Bands: Overkill, Sabaton, Marduk, Immortal, Dark Funeral, Children of Bodom

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Cathedral Hate Eternal
The Kovenant Racer X
Sinner The Haunted
Twilight Odyssey Poisonblack
Regurgitate Cradle of Filth
Twisted Tower Dire Commit Suicide
Celestial Ode Godsmack
Circle II Circle Majesty
Mark Boals Ravage
Sickspeed Angel Dust
Power of Omens Valley's Eve
Led Zeppelin H.I.M.
Brainstorm SelfInflicted
Iced Earth Inner Rage of Emotion
Bloodbath Runemagick
Steel Preacher Guardians Of Time
Stalker Halloween
Whitesnake Lacuna Coil
Body Count Dew Scented
Dreamaker Force Of Evil
Soil Silver Mountain
Devil To Pay Riot
Leash Law W.A.S.P.
Kingcrow Metalium
Nova Lex Marillion
Dragonspoon Devil In The Kitchen
Rhapsody of Fire Wintersun
Chris Caffery Within Temptation
Silent Force Ironhorse
Blind Guardian The 7 Method
Karmakanic Twisted Sister
Azrael's Bane Legion
Code Black Helgrind
Image Corrosion Of Conformity
Belef Kamelot
Requiem Aeternam Impaled
Tarot Hellfire
Suidakra Angtoria
Apocalyptica Wolverine
Crimson Moonlight Antares
Stormwarrior Novembers Doom
Derek Sherinian Neil Turbin
Blind Stare Python
God Among Insects Maximum Overdrive
Subterranean Masquerade Supagroup
Ritual Killer The Father Panic Riot Orchestra
Frameless Scar Fates Warning
Love Forsaken Resurrecturis
Wetwork Blitzkrieg
A Lower Deep Mercyful Fate
Redemption Blood Thirsty Demons
Sun O))) The Firstborn
Savage Circus Phantom X
Even X Cryogen
Gojira Wolfmother
Asrai Skullshifter
Machina From This Day
Grimfist End My Sorrow
Thryfing Powerglove
Cardinale Poison
Ephel Duath Nikki Puppet
Thyrane Nightmare
Steep Valhalla
Abysmal Dawn Before Silence
She Said Destroy Dendura
Paul Bonrud From the Grave
Hurt Zero Hour
Death Breath Anata
Zoroaster Lordi
Quest of Aidance Phazm
The Gathering Onslaught
Throne of Katarsis Zyklon
Marc Sasso Divine Empire
Antigama Wuthering Heights
Funeral Fight
Himsa Hell N' Diesel
Destynation Mongrel
Shining Star Mortiis
Uriah Heep Bible Of The Devil
Deadsea End of Man
Battleroar Earthen Grave