New Interview with Relentless Guitar Shredder Yngwie Malmsteen
2/8/2011 1:56:46 PM by Kim Thore

"Considered by many to be one of the most technically gifted rock guitarists of all time and the pioneer of shred guitar, Yngwie Malmsteen has accomplished a great deal in the almost 3 decades since he landed in LA, including but not limited to putting the words arpeggio and Paganini in the same neo-classical metal conversation as volume and amps.

A modern day Mozart with electricity, Malmsteen has never been a wallflower, he burst on the scene in 1982 and has had guitarists, musicians, critics and fans talking ever since. Having released his latest album Relentless, this marks Yngwie's first studio album in over two years of entirely newly composed never before heard songs that give a new meaning to virtuoso and perhaps a new nom de plume for Malmsteen himself.

We recently had the opportunity to speak to the living legend and get an inside scoop into what makes this prodigy tick...

[Interview Link]

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