Lemmy Week Thursday - Our Review of the New Motorhead Release
2/3/2011 1:25:26 PM by Eric

Ladies and gentlemen...we have a brand new Motorhead record, right on time and right on schedule. Every two years metal fans can shake their fist to the rough and tumble sounds of Lemmy and the boys and this new record is no exception. The World Is Yours is chock full of smokin Motorhead numbers, vintage and the same yet still a pounding sensation of what is right with the metal world. The album is still Motorhead and fans and community know what they are getting. Few bands can get away with it, but decade after decade the band still puts out the same music, arguably the same album again and again.

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Cave In LA Guns
Scanner Slipknot
Immolation Mondo Generator
Poisonblack Tiamat
Grave Digger Seether
Rawhead Rexx Widowmaker
Dr. Butcher Valley's Eve
H.I.M. Supervillain
Fireball Ministry Wycked Synn
Dream Weaver Duke
Eidolon Windseeker
Thunderstone Drillpoint
Hypocrisy Whitesnake
Slayer Probot
Deivos Royal Anguish
Fairyland Tesla
Fear Factory Node
Shiva Black Stone Cherry
Jaw Cans
Metalium Marillion
Judas Priest Dimmu Borgir
Schenker/ Pattison Summit Devil In The Kitchen
Joey Belladonna Skeletonwitch
Rhapsody of Fire Wintersun
Dark Age Otep
Division I.C.E.
Marshall Law Ironhorse
Overlorde Anger
Behemoth Karmakanic
Angra Avenue F
Cryme Paradise Lost
Gods Of Fire Image
Hellfueled Korpiklaani
Soulscar Carbomb
Carina Alfie Angtoria
the missing: Samael
Stormwarrior Oathean
Frantic Bleep Axel Rudi Pell
Holy Moses Kinrick
Groundcrew Brand New Sin
Dark Funeral Taake
Dynamic Lights Slik Helvetika
Ritual Killer Gaia
Illuminatus Violent Storm
Casus Belli Twilight
Mabon Shattersphere
Akercocke Spellbound
Avulsed Asrai
Celebratum The Tenth Circle
Motorhead Dismember
Poison Lair Of The Minotaur
Upwards of Endtime Cryptopsy
Degree Absolute Candlemass
Speed/Kill/Hate Bludgeon
The Strongest Proof Spawn of Possession
Michael Orlando Bloodbound
Smohalla She Said Destroy
Sahg Skid Row
Agalloch Mouth of the Architect
Hurt Wednesday 13
The Ruins of Beverast Zero Hour
Oblomov Amputated
Lesbian Bed Death Obtest
Lordi Audrey Horne
Escape The Fate Extium
Celtic Frost Urkraft
Omnium Gatherum Terry Sullivan
Lord Belial Pantera
Since the Day Antigama
Aborted Glorior Belli
Nation Beyond Fight
Destynation Pathology
Bilocate Ost Est Ima
Jesus Martyr Trivium
Puscifer Kreator
Deadsea Sin