Lemmy Week Thursday - Our Review of the New Motorhead Release
2/3/2011 1:25:26 PM by Eric

Ladies and gentlemen...we have a brand new Motorhead record, right on time and right on schedule. Every two years metal fans can shake their fist to the rough and tumble sounds of Lemmy and the boys and this new record is no exception. The World Is Yours is chock full of smokin Motorhead numbers, vintage and the same yet still a pounding sensation of what is right with the metal world. The album is still Motorhead and fans and community know what they are getting. Few bands can get away with it, but decade after decade the band still puts out the same music, arguably the same album again and again.

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In Flames Slipknot
Vehemence Children Of Bodom
Tiamat Exmortem
Rebellion Anthrax
Cradle of Filth Goatwhore
December Twisted Tower Dire
Nazareth Mortician
Abigor Conquest
Endless Time Nicta
Shakra Artension
Curriculum Mortis Dream Weaver
Sludge! Duke
Silent Scythe Probot
Asperity Secret Sphere
Royal Anguish Mother Misery
Celesty Construcdead
Riot downBleed
Bleeding Inc Kingcrow
Epica Graveland
Gamma Ray Nova Lex
Spiral Madness Joe Stump
De Lirium's Order Joe Lynn Turner
Therion Bonfire
After Forever Killswitch Engage
Black Destiny Images of Eden
Shadows Fall Wintersun
Throcult Mine
Silent Force The Lizards
Ironhorse Negative Creeps
Agnostic Front The 7 Method
Behemoth Betrayer
Code Black Divine Fire
Kings X Crionics
Veni Domine Maze Of Torment
Labyrinth Shatterpoint
Heartcry Hellfire
Mechanical Poet Soulscar
Carina Alfie Diecast
Alex Skolnick Trio Novembers Doom
God Fear None Magica
Debris Inc. Kryoburn
Swallow The Sun Green Carnation
Astarte Circus Maximus
Thor Impaled Nazarene
Sheavy Redemption
Russell Allen Evergrey
Blood Thirsty Demons 1349
Shattersphere Urizen
Sinocence Khold
Sodom Grimfist
Brother Hawk Fallen Wisdom
Second Shadow Sepultura
Lair Of The Minotaur The Berzerker
Tris Katone Clawfinger
Manngard Silver Dirt
Ampast Down Factor
Abysmal Dawn Apiary
Black Crucifixion Unsilent Phenomenon
Ynis Vitrin Agalloch
Vicious Rumors I
Setherial Battle Bratt
Thy Majestie Semargl
Biolich Extium
Deicide Phazm
Warmachine Diagnose: Lebensgefahr
With Passion Warbringer
The Chronicles of Israfel Nagelfar
Mendeed Five Finger Death Punch
Katrina Johansson Rob Zombie
Since the Day Antigama
Trenchfoot Throneum
Pathosray Dantesco
Cockpit Father Befouled
Demonic Symphony Witchfinder General
Virgin Black Uriah Heep
Mar De Grises Kiuas
Place Of Skulls UFOmammut
Papa Roach Coffins
Nasty Idols Eighteen Wheels Burning
Something Beautiful