Lemmy Week Tuesday -- Road Reports
2/1/2011 1:34:20 PM by Frank

Continuing our Lemmy Week into Tuesday...

Motörhead has been around for 35 years as a band. Some of our Maximum Metal writers had a chance to catch them live and from our Road Report archives here's their write-ups of those concerts:

. Road Report 89  w/ ASG, Year Long Disaster, Valient Thorr

. Road Report 47  w/Gizmachi & Slunt

. Road Report 31  w/Corrosion of Conformity

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ˇ Cave Inˇ In Flames
ˇ The Kovenantˇ Rebellion
ˇ Anthraxˇ December
ˇ Kalibasˇ Helloween
ˇ Nazarethˇ Godflesh
ˇ Steel Attackˇ Fozzy
ˇ Morticianˇ Agoraphobic Nosebleed
ˇ Manowarˇ Power of Omens
ˇ Dr. Butcherˇ Alchemy X
ˇ Pyn Sirenˇ Hammerwhore
ˇ Tungstenˇ Evolution
ˇ Biomechanicalˇ Chainsnap
ˇ Wycked Synnˇ Evanesce
ˇ Beautiful Creaturesˇ Attacker
ˇ Defiledˇ Deivos
ˇ TNAˇ Construcdead
ˇ UFOˇ Disarmonia Mundi
ˇ Low Earth Orbitˇ Iron Angel
ˇ Cystˇ Joe Stump
ˇ Juggernottˇ Krokus
ˇ Joey Belladonnaˇ Bonfire
ˇ Vox Tempusˇ Dream Evil
ˇ Saxonˇ Beaten Back To Pure
ˇ Otepˇ Theocracy
ˇ Annihilatorˇ Z02
ˇ I.C.E.ˇ Chris Caffery
ˇ Slowlifeˇ Mine
ˇ Angerˇ The 7 Method
ˇ Hanzel Und Gretylˇ Cryme
ˇ Betrayerˇ Sonata Arctica
ˇ Feared Creationˇ Code Black
ˇ Bloody Signˇ The Mighty Nimbus
ˇ Entombedˇ Miles Beyond
ˇ Corrosion Of Conformityˇ Requiem Aeternam
ˇ Veni Domineˇ Loudblast
ˇ Korpiklaaniˇ Vicious Circle
ˇ Mechanical Poetˇ Suidakra
ˇ Desire Blackˇ Chuck Schuldiner
ˇ Stormwarriorˇ Chaoswave
ˇ Boomerangˇ Fire Alley
ˇ Gizmachiˇ Grand Magus
ˇ Pro-Painˇ Green Carnation
ˇ Bissˇ Testament
ˇ Unshineˇ Slik Helvetika
ˇ Supagroupˇ Havochate
ˇ Edenbridgeˇ Iron Maidens
ˇ Warchildˇ Illuminatus
ˇ Dragoniaˇ Before The Dawn
ˇ Crystal Fateˇ Penetrator
ˇ Third Degreeˇ Balatonizer
ˇ Even Xˇ Wolfmother
ˇ Chain Collectorˇ Mastermind
ˇ Midnight Idolsˇ The Classic Struggle
ˇ Sinocenceˇ Dogs Of Winter
ˇ Early Manˇ Enforsaken
ˇ Craftˇ Mental Care Foundation
ˇ Across Tundrasˇ Poison
ˇ Lair Of The Minotaurˇ Nikki Puppet
ˇ Upwards of Endtimeˇ Hell-Born
ˇ Scumˇ Boris
ˇ Degree Absoluteˇ Ampast
ˇ Imagikaˇ Hate Profile
ˇ Stormcrowˇ Ensoph
ˇ Black Crucifixionˇ Dawn of Azazel
ˇ Royal Huntˇ Bloodbound
ˇ Destructionˇ Nachtmystium
ˇ Psycropticˇ I
ˇ Zero Hourˇ Jeff Walker und Die Fluffers
ˇ Pretty Maidsˇ Pump
ˇ The Abominable Iron Slothˇ The Finals
ˇ Enochian Crescentˇ Battle Bratt
ˇ Myonˇ Eyes of Ligeia
ˇ Twinballˇ Cult of Daath
ˇ Venomˇ Middian
ˇ Starkweatherˇ Deicide
ˇ Diagnose: Lebensgefahrˇ Static-X
ˇ Zyklonˇ Textures
ˇ The Prophecyˇ Divine Empire
ˇ Wuthering Heightsˇ Ulcerate
ˇ Throneumˇ Fight
ˇ Cauldronˇ Keldian
ˇ Mass Extinctionˇ Averse Sefira
ˇ Shining Starˇ Cockpit
ˇ 40 Below Summerˇ Deceiver
ˇ Straight Line Stitchˇ Puscifer
ˇ Kreatorˇ The Lamp of Thoth
ˇ Alestormˇ Cursed
ˇ Nasty Idolsˇ Battleroar