Lemmy Week Tuesday -- Road Reports
2/1/2011 1:34:20 PM by Frank

Continuing our Lemmy Week into Tuesday...

Motörhead has been around for 35 years as a band. Some of our Maximum Metal writers had a chance to catch them live and from our Road Report archives here's their write-ups of those concerts:

. Road Report 89  w/ ASG, Year Long Disaster, Valient Thorr

. Road Report 47  w/Gizmachi & Slunt

. Road Report 31  w/Corrosion of Conformity

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ˇ In Flamesˇ LA Guns
ˇ Slipknotˇ The Great Deceiver
ˇ Twilight Odysseyˇ Karaboudjan
ˇ Dokkenˇ Exmortem
ˇ Neckˇ December
ˇ Twisted Tower Direˇ Skullview
ˇ Mark Boalsˇ Advent
ˇ Agoraphobic Nosebleedˇ Powergod
ˇ Cageˇ Vyndykator
ˇ Ion Veinˇ Black Sabbath
ˇ Saintˇ Paragon
ˇ Inner Rage of Emotionˇ Kilfast
ˇ Lanfearˇ Rob Rock
ˇ Nordheimˇ Windseeker
ˇ Drillpointˇ Deivos
ˇ Iron Saviorˇ Soul Reaper
ˇ Neverlandˇ Devil To Pay
ˇ Celestyˇ Jaw
ˇ Bleeding Incˇ Gamma Ray
ˇ Metaliumˇ Nova Lex
ˇ Gary Mooreˇ Cyst
ˇ Brutal Masticationˇ Joe Stump
ˇ De Lirium's Orderˇ Mob Rules
ˇ Vox Tempusˇ Dio
ˇ Dark Ageˇ Lullacry
ˇ Divisionˇ Tartharia
ˇ Witchburnerˇ The Last Act
ˇ Made of Ironˇ Behemoth
ˇ John Oliva's Painˇ Paradise Lost
ˇ Scenteriaˇ Helgrind
ˇ Corrosion Of Conformityˇ Heartcry
ˇ Car Bombˇ the missing:
ˇ Argument Soulˇ Marduk
ˇ Freedom Callˇ Drunkard
ˇ Lord Goreˇ Debris Inc.
ˇ Swallow The Sunˇ Strapping Young Lad
ˇ Impietyˇ Shade Empire
ˇ Slumberˇ Brand New Sin
ˇ Secrets She Keptˇ Sebastian Bach
ˇ Ritual Killerˇ Frameless Scar
ˇ Fates Warningˇ Love Forsaken
ˇ Scar Symmetryˇ Flotsam & Jetsam
ˇ Nuclear Assaultˇ Painmuseum
ˇ To The Boneˇ Mercyful Fate
ˇ Eternal Reignˇ Dragonia
ˇ Russell Allenˇ Evergrey
ˇ Crystal Fateˇ Bolt Thrower
ˇ Sun O)))ˇ Running Wild
ˇ Savage Circusˇ Thrones
ˇ Spellboundˇ Torture Killer
ˇ Virgin Steeleˇ Vanquished
ˇ Absolutionˇ Absu
ˇ Decapitatedˇ Early Man
ˇ Pile of Headsˇ Second Shadow
ˇ Powergloveˇ Cardinale
ˇ Codeonˇ Upwards of Endtime
ˇ Degree Absoluteˇ Silver Dirt
ˇ Bal-Sagothˇ Hirax
ˇ Abysmal Dawnˇ Non-Human Level
ˇ Upon Inflictionˇ Before Silence
ˇ Suzukitonˇ Amon Amarth
ˇ Warfaceˇ Fleshgore
ˇ Shadows Withinˇ Lordi
ˇ The Showdownˇ Cheva
ˇ Blood Tsunamiˇ Melechesh
ˇ Batteredˇ In This Moment
ˇ Lord Belialˇ Zyklon
ˇ Nagelfarˇ Divine Empire
ˇ Denial Fiendˇ Lipstick Magazine
ˇ Fightˇ Faith And Fire
ˇ Distortedˇ Alkemyst
ˇ Averse Sefiraˇ Glenn Hughes
ˇ Jesus Martyrˇ Trivium
ˇ Blood Havenˇ Last Stone Cast
ˇ Manilla Roadˇ SOS
ˇ Kreatorˇ Embalming Theatre
ˇ Medieval Steelˇ Uriah Heep
ˇ The More I Seeˇ End of Man
ˇ Luna Mortisˇ Coffins
ˇ Wolfgateˇ Crown The Lost
ˇ DC4ˇ Uli Jon Roth