And So It Begins--Lemmy Week at Max Metal!
1/31/2011 9:12:22 AM by Frank

Lemmy Kilmister is 65 years old, but it hasn't stopped the metal legend from being productive. He has a new album coming out with Motörhead called "The Wörld is Yours" and a new rockumentary film "Lemmy: 49% Motherf**ker, 51% Son of A Bitch" is currently playing in select theaters across the nation.

To coincide with those, we've decided to have Lemmy Week here at Maximum Metal. Each day we're gonna bust out something to do with Lemmy and his musical work; some of it exclusives from our site.

Today's feature is a personal favorite video of mine--I'm So Bad (Baby I Don't Care).  How can you top a song that starts out "I make love to mountain lions"!?

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