Top 5 Metal Soundtrack Songs
1/21/2011 11:56:01 AM by Eric

The big glow of Hollywood always seems to shine a little ray on metal's gutters. The big screen has been very kind to the heavy metal community and left us many memorable songs to fully back up even the worse grime of Hollywood's motion picture. EC, an avid movie fan here at MM has delivered his top 5 metal soundtrack songs...

1. Megadeth - Angry Again from the "Last Action Hero".

2. Machine Head - My Misery from the "Tales From The Crypt: Demon Knight".

3. Tesla - Last Action Hero from the "Last Action Hero".

4. Dio - Hide In The Rainbow from the "Iron Eagle".

5. Guns 'N Roses - You Could Be Mine from "Terminator 2".

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Loudness Slipknot
Steel Prophet The Haunted
Vehemence White Skull
Perzonal War Regurgitate
Anthrax Stratovarius
Norma Jean Solace
Queensryche Mark Boals
Ring of Fire Vaginal Carnage
Steel Attack Agoraphobic Nosebleed
Dark Moor Legend
Abigor Powergod
God Dethroned Late Nite Romeo
Dr. Butcher Valley's Eve
Conquest Johnny Lokke
Brainstorm Saint
SelfInflicted Inner Rage of Emotion
Artension Dream Weaver
Crystal Eyes Nordheim
Stryper Windseeker
Attacker Slayer
Wicked Sensation Defiled
Project: Failing Flesh Body Count
Soul Reaper Tesla
Force Of Evil Death Angel
I Hate Sally Superchrist
Jaw Cans
Graveland Skyfire
Gary Moore Hatework
Dimmu Borgir De Lirium's Order
Feinstein Schenker/ Pattison Summit
Destructor Krokus
Insomnium Scorpions
After Forever Black Destiny
Psychotron Beaten Back To Pure
Polterchrist Jamie. St. James
GWAR Witchburner
The Last Act The Lizards
Ironhorse Agnostic Front
Avenue F Paradise Lost
The New Breed Blood Red Throne
Kings X Maze Of Torment
Icarus Witch Argument Soul
Stormwarrior Chaoswave
Freedom Call Fire Alley
Def Leppard Python
Naglfar Brand New Sin
Taake Prowler Inc.
Leaves Eyes Sebastian Bach
Fates Warning Devil Lee Rot
Iron Maidens Blitzkrieg
The Scourger Peccatum
V:28 Russell Allen
Crystal Fate Twilight
Running Wild Balatonizer
Dechrist Dragonlord
God Forbid Dogs Of Winter
Witchery Southern Black Sand
Cannibal Corpse Ephel Duath
Beyond Fear Upwards of Endtime
Daylight Dies Scum
Tris Katone The Ocean
Viron The Strongest Proof
Upon Infliction Dawn of Azazel
Before Silence Smohalla
Burialmound Hurt
Wednesday 13 The Ruins of Beverast
Enochian Crescent Myon
Zoroaster Satyricon
Biolich Cheva
Lecherous Nocturne Skullflower
Twisted Into Form Zyklon
Trouble Retrospective
Destynation Diamond Dogs
Bilocate Ride The Sky
Deceiver Trivium
Kreator Hacksaw Surgery
Souls Of We The Lamp of Thoth
Alestorm Deadsea
End of Man Place Of Skulls
My Dying Bride Caliban