Top 5 Metal Soundtrack Songs
1/21/2011 11:56:01 AM by Eric

The big glow of Hollywood always seems to shine a little ray on metal's gutters. The big screen has been very kind to the heavy metal community and left us many memorable songs to fully back up even the worse grime of Hollywood's motion picture. EC, an avid movie fan here at MM has delivered his top 5 metal soundtrack songs...

1. Megadeth - Angry Again from the "Last Action Hero".

2. Machine Head - My Misery from the "Tales From The Crypt: Demon Knight".

3. Tesla - Last Action Hero from the "Last Action Hero".

4. Dio - Hide In The Rainbow from the "Iron Eagle".

5. Guns 'N Roses - You Could Be Mine from "Terminator 2".

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HammerFall Lost Horizon
Misery Index Poisonblack
Solemnity Impellitteri
Majesty Vaginal Carnage
Agoraphobic Nosebleed Metallica
Abigor Dr. Butcher
Black Label Society Vyndykator
Conquest The Chainsaw
Circle of Nero Shakra
Fireball Ministry Chainsnap
Wycked Synn Malstrom
Windseeker Attacker
Krisiun Slayer
Wicked Sensation Probot
Tesla Three Inches of Blood
Black Stone Cherry Drowning Pool
Celesty Jaw
Babylon Mystery Orchestra Ebony Ark
downBleed UFO
Leash Law Cans
David Shankle Group Icon And The Black Roses
Gary Moore Dimmu Borgir
Feinstein Unleashed
Lilitu Lullacry
Medusa Nashville Pussy
Eternal Flight Necrodemon
Dark Ruin Arch Enemy
Overlorde Tristania
Creed Triumph
Fifth Cross Legion
Of Infinity Crowbar
Ligeia Divine Fire
Belef Hellfueled
Veni Domine Korpiklaani
Yyrkoon Heartcry
Suidakra Ravensthorn
Samael Cemetary
Alex Skolnick Trio Omegalord
Operatika Shade Empire
Hatesphere Raging Speedhorn
Agents Of Man Mirador
Graveworm Amorphis
Darkane Circus Maximus
Dynamic Lights Nuse
Prowler Inc. Horna
Leaves Eyes Killing Spree
Love Forsaken The Scourger
Dragonia Dirty Americans
ASG Overloaded
Dreamland Wolfmother
Mastermind Skullshifter
Celebratum Khold
Nocturnal Rites Insense
Sodom Grimfist
Witchery Tandjent
Cardinale Beyond Fear
Nightmare Dissection
Boris Clawfinger
Athanator Hirax
Dreams of Damnation TK-421
Dawn of Azazel Suzukiton
Swashbuckle Warface
Burialmound Pump
Belphegor Battle Bratt
Oblomov Twinball
Cult of Daath Biolich
Lupara Venom
Lesbian Bed Death Sathanas
Escape The Fate Demise
Better Left Unsaid Lecherous Nocturne
Blood Tsunami Southern Gentleman
Static-X Necrophobic
Merciless Death Zyklon
Marc Sasso White Willow
Satariel Hacride
Denial Fiend Glorior Belli
Kruger Ulcerate
David Galas The Wonderfools
Randy Ellefson Echoes of Eternity
Cauldron Spheric Universe Experience
Mongrel Night Ranger
Shining Star The Obsessed
Pop Evil Blood Haven
Equilibrium Bullet For My Valentine
Medieval Steel Uriah Heep
UFOmammut Coffins
Something Beautiful Crown The Lost
Uli Jon Roth Earthen Grave