Interview with A Tortured Soul
1/7/2011 4:50:00 PM by Eric

"With the current line-up the band is very close to the way Nate and myself have envisioned it. From the onset there is change in the sound from the constant filtering of musicians we have had to go through to maintain the band. I am sure this is why the sound has changed. We have had great bass players as a focal point through the years and are now more guitar-friendly. We had never tried to be like any other band, just write the music as it comes out of us and make it kick ass. We have many different tastes in the band from Slayer and Slipknot to Mercyful Fate and Mayhem."

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Racer X Mudvayne
Opeth White Skull
Carpathian Forest Tiamat
Dokken Rebellion
Regurgitate Impellitteri
Kataklysm Kalibas
Majesty Godflesh
Iron Maiden Mortician
Liege Lord Dark Moor
Powergod God Dethroned
Late Nite Romeo Dr. Butcher
Conquest Brainstorm
Catch 22 Dragonforce
Chainsnap The Graveyard Boulevard
Morbid Angel Evanesce
Sinergy Guardians Of Time
Axenstar Duke
Mnemic Fraise
Lacuna Coil Iron Savior
Dreamaker Soil
Shiva Gothic Knights
Funerus Exodus
Bang The Union Madison Paige
Icon And The Black Roses Gamma Ray
Spiral Madness Destructor
Therion Mob Rules
Insomnium Joey Belladonna
Wintersun Tearabyte
Theocracy Conquestador
Silent Force Ironhorse
Tristania Triumph
Dark Tranquillity John Oliva's Pain
Mercenary Legion
Code Black Scenteria
Emerald Sun Helgrind
Rottweiller Kamelot
Heartcry Ravensthorn
Darkthrone Samael
Boomerang Pure Inc
Lord Gore Fastkill
Rudra Maximum Overdrive
Sentenced Unshine
Taake Nuse
Sebastian Bach Morgana Lefay
Agents Of The Sun To The Bone
Loits Black Majesty
Russell Allen Algol3
Mistress Crystal Ball
Vile Infliction
The Tenth Circle Torture Killer
Gorefest Vader
Enforsaken Thryfing
Katatonia Cardinale
Lair Of The Minotaur Codeon
Beyond Fear Nightmare
Hell-Born Tris Katone
Event Horizon Valhalla
Warrant (Amer) Bal-Sagoth
Cataract Down Factor
Abysmal Dawn Non-Human Level
Michael Orlando Before Silence
Gorgoroth From the Grave
Mouth of the Architect Shadows Within
Abominant Rotting Christ
Teeth of the Hydra Lupara
Audrey Horne Darkness Eternal
Extium Lecherous Nocturne
Gaza Melechesh
Stonegard Terry Sullivan
The Chronicles of Israfel Madking Ludwig
Zyklon Cruachan
Almah Mendeed
Pantera Spit Like This
Katrina Johansson Nominon
Rob Zombie Blut Aus Nord
Throneum JR Ewing
Sworn Enemy Depressed Mode
Echoes of Eternity Mass Extinction
Orthodox Shining Star
I Shalt Become Ride The Sky
Father Befouled Witchfinder General
Burzum Place Of Skulls
Wolfgate Suspyre