Staff Year End Awards for 2010!
12/24/2010 1:53:00 PM by Various

We've gathered up our thoughts on the hard rock/metal releases of 2010! Even if you really don't G.A.F. what any of our opinions are, there are so many releases put out in this age of do-it-yourself creation that you may see names you missed, older bands you forgot existed or unknowns to look up and sample. It's all about getting the word out and supporting the music!

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In Flames Opeth
Twilight Odyssey Misery Index
Perzonal War Impellitteri
Twisted Tower Dire Kataklysm
Ring of Fire Godflesh
Advent Liege Lord
Crematorium Hammerwhore
Circle of Nero Tungsten
Evolution Inner Rage of Emotion
Fireball Ministry Bloodbath
Steel Preacher King Diamond
Evanesce Assrockers
Beautiful Creatures Axenstar
Eidolon Body Count
Dreamaker Three Inches of Blood
Volbeat Killik
Construcdead Leash Law
Bleeding Inc Wolf
Graveland Icon And The Black Roses
Disarmonia Mundi Velvet Revolver
Gary Moore Black Zodiac
Dragonspoon Devil In The Kitchen
Fireaxe Scorpions
Meliah Rage After Forever
Rhapsody of Fire Images of Eden
Wintersun Theocracy
Megadeth Marshall Law
Necrodemon Internal Bleeding
Tartharia The Last Act
Mirror of Deception Anger
Hanzel Und Gretyl Mercenary
Kinetic Paradise Lost
Crowbar Bloody Sign
Gods Of Fire Image
The Mighty Nimbus Miles Beyond
Loudblast Dirt
Suidakra Car Bomb
the missing: Cemetary
Stormwarrior Severe Torture
God Fear None Lord Gore
Ignitor Ramesses
Raintime Ivory Knight
Communic Subterranean Masquerade
Unchained Alice Cooper
Thor Fates Warning
Scar Symmetry The Scourger
Loits V:28
Before The Dawn The Firstborn
Barcode Twilight
Shattersphere Vinterriket
Gojira Chain Collector
Torture Killer Nocturnal Rites
Vader Taunusheim
Insense Sodom
End My Sorrow Witchery
Cannibal Corpse Beyond Fear
Upwards of Endtime Daylight Dies
Steep Cataract
Dream Or Nightmare Dreams of Damnation
TK-421 Ensoph
Spawn of Possession Theater of Tragedy
Jotunspor Vengeance
Smohalla Paul Bonrud
Hurt Enochian Crescent
Mastodon Venom
Audrey Horne Panzerchrist
Twisted Into Form Warmachine
Madking Ludwig Zyklon
Blood of the Black Owl Nagelfar
Chrome Division The Prophecy
Hacride Spit Like This
Aborted Denial Fiend
Retrospective Funeral
Cauldron Pathosray
Night Ranger Orthodox
Mortiis Demonic Symphony
The Obsessed Aetherius Obscuritas
Last Stone Cast Manilla Road
The Lamp of Thoth Bullet For My Valentine
Son of Eric Papa Roach
Wolfgate Ihsahn
Uli Jon Roth Giant Squid